Saturday, December 1, 2012

Cereal Box Christmas Trees

Isn't it breath-taking when snow and ice cover the landscape?
(as long as you don't have to go anywhere, of course!)

It is like the world has stopped still to pose in a shiny diamond coat.

 Evergreens are especially dramatic.

(I found this great link to a website that teaches how to paint these beautiful water-colored trees.

I decided this year to use evergreen trees to decorate my mantel.
I wanted unique versions of them but didn't want to spend any money,
so I set about to make some of my own.

I made four different kinds of trees.
They are all made of "trash" from around the house
One set, I will ask if you can guess what they are made of
and the first person that guesses will receive a giveaway, so...

come back for my "evergreen" display.

Today I will show you my cereal box evergreen trees.
They are the tall white ones in the back.

I made them from a variation of the small ones I made with my cardboard houses last year.

Here is how to make them:

Get a cereal box.

On the inside of the box, sketch out the tree that you want
(I have put my tree patterns at the end of this post if you'd like to try these).

You will need two tree cut-outs for each tree made,
so I made four cut outs:
two for a taller tree
and two for a shorter.

Next will be a slice in each part of the tree:
one half of the tree will have the slice going up from the bottom to the middle,
the other will have the slice going from the top down to the middle.

These two tree halves will then slide in together...

and then be taped together to keep them in position.
(Don't worry about how the tape looks as it will be painted over.)

When the taping is done,
the trees should stand easily
(cut off the lower edge to make the bottom even if one half is slightly longer than the other).

For the painting of the trees,
I mix one part Plaster of Paris to 2 parts white paint,
or more Plaster of Paris if I want it thicker.

It needs to be pretty thick like frosting.

The trees should dry until well set up.
This may take a couple of days, but this project is one that will take about a week to complete
as it needs to dry well.
I put a second coat on mine, just as heavy as the first.
This makes them pretty solid.

When the trees were completely dried,
I painted on some slightly watered-down glue
and sprinkled them with clear glass glitter.

Glitter is a necessity at Christmas.

I had some houses I found after Christmas last year on sale for $.25 each,
so I spray painted them all white, added the necessary glitter,
and glued some trees painted with white to pair up with the cereal box trees.

It is fun to have some home-made Christmas decorations around the house.
And the cost is nice, too.

I added my tree pattern to be printed up to use, if you'd like.

I am terribly sorry for how rough and a bit hard to read they turned out.
(The first and last tree go together, and the two middle trees are the taller tree pattern).
I am very computer illiterate so this was a monumental task for me to figure out how to do
and they still turned out looking like the copies we used to get in elementary school when we got
purple ditto papers.

Now that I've got my winter trees on my mantel,
 I could use some real snow on the trees outside.

Here's hoping!

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    These are sooooo cool!

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  3. Lovely! Can't believe they started out as cereal boxes! :)

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  9. Fantastic... I love them, especially when I saw that you made your own texturizing paint. I make my own too. When I ran out of plaster, I used some grout - great effect too!


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