Monday, September 20, 2010

Fried Green Tomatoes with a Side of Soft Pretzels


 Sunday starts with rushing around to feed the animals/children; no, not the same thing, though you might have thought this my meaning.  I mean my husband feeds the cows and pigs, usually aided by my daughter so she can drop some coins into her piggy bank.  I feed the two half-awake younger humans and myself.  Today though, I also packed our picnic lunch.  After a refreshing morning at church, we headed to the apple orchard,  found a picnic table in the shade, devoured our lunch, and then picked a couple baskets of Mutsu apples to keep us through the winter.  Here are a few pictures:

Our day also included the following:

Kids playing nicely together while...

my Farmer finished installing the new sidewalk.  He has had to look at my miserable attempts of laying these stones only to rip them up and relay them several times. Finally abandoning his first idea to let me take on this challenge alone, he kindly told me how I needed to do it, and then rescued the project.  I did help him in the placement of the stones, etc, over the course of the weekend, but about as much as a flea helps a dog with an itching problem.

I figured I'd help the way I knew he'd like best, so I slipped up to the garden and fetched a few "green" tomatoes to try the "Fried Green Tomato" recipe his sister had given me.  (Green tomatoes minus the stinkbug, of course!  Where are all these stinkbugs coming from?)

They looked so pretty and fall festive.

And I got up a batch of the kids' favorite: soft pretzels
(with their help, of course).
I might just jot the recipe down on here this week for you.  They really are so delicious and actually very healthy.  They're fun to make, too!

I'll also see about filling you in on what this building is used for.  (And no, we don't create any monsters in it; all of our monsters live IN the house...
and eat fried green tomatoes and soft pretzels.)

I hope you had a wonderful, restful Sunday as well.


  1. Hey,,, no picture of the finished soup or pathway? You left me hanging! Looked so fun picking apples together! The pretzels looked yummy too,, be sure to post the recipe! Love ya, girl!

  2. Love your Painting! You've got true talent. God has blessed!

  3. The pathway isn't done yet. I hope to get it done this week: we hope. :)
    Thank you, Tammy. I am thankful to be able to paint and look forward to having more time to do it again as the kids get older.


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