Monday, October 11, 2010

The Worlds Most Unbelievable Low-fat Amazingly Fantastic Dessert Trifle

 This past weekend when I realized that we were getting company on Saturday that I had forgotten were coming, because "Scatter-brain" is my middle name, I reached for our tried and true, super easy, incredibly delicious low fat trifle recipe.  All of those descriptions I just gave you are 100% true.

I stink at making desserts, especially baked ones.  My oven laughs at me whenever I put anything in it that resembles a dessert.  But this little number never fails.

Let's begin:

Get yourself a boxed angel food cake,
herein is the secret to my success.  I hate using boxed cakes; I feel like I'm cheating and using food that can't be real, or must have all kinds of artificial weird stuff in it, 
but I cave when it comes to angel food cake, probably because that one time I tried to make it from scratch, using 10 egg whites or so
it made me cry when I tasted it, 
crying in this sense was the literal "in dire distress" term.

So, I use a box now and forever when it comes to angel food cakes.
 Follow the directions on the box,
 trying super hard not to lick all of it up because it tastes so delicious even if it does have that strange bubbly taste.

 AH!  Perfection.

(This is where it is critical NOT to have my little sister around.
She is the fresh-out-of-the-oven Angel Food cake's worst enemy.
She will eat it up,
or at least the entire top layer
or two.)

 Continue with the directions on the box,
doing the flip-it-over-on-the-bottle thing

 While the pretty celestial cooking accomplishment is cooling it's tender whiteness
 proceed with the sauce.
  (Meanwhile, also have the 2 cups of berries you will be using defrosting if they were frozen, as these raspberries were.)

 Take 2 cups of juice, something that will go well with whatever fruit you have, and get it to a boil.

 When it's fruity sweetness is bubbling happily
(I'm so sorry; this dessert just makes me so happy
and wordy
and obnoxious)

ad 1 Tbs. of clear gelatin, stirring quickly to blend it in.

Then let it cool to room temperature.

 Coax that cake out of it's pan and then cut half of it into squares in your trifle bowl.

 Drizzle 1 cup of the cooled gel-a-juice onto the cut up cake.

 The essence from this sweet spongey mess will drive you mad, but do not,
DO NOT eat it


 Sprinkle 1 cup of the berries haphazardly in the bowl.

 Now say "Yum".

Are you drooling yet, little sister?
How about you, mom?

(Those two are dangerous around this dessert.  It causes vicious fights in our house when only a little remains.)

 Repeat with the other half of the cake: cut it into pieces and place over the berry layer.  Then pour the rest of the boiled juice on it.

 Throw on the last of the berries.

 Whip up some whipped cream, if you dare.
This is where there is contrary choices amongst the women of my household.
Mom and little sister agree to their fat-free cool whip on here.  This makes the dessert almost fat free,

 or is it fat free?  Maybe it is.

Anyhow, I don't like cool whip. I like real stuff.  I skim the cream off the fresh unpasteurized jersey cow milk we get and let it whirl in the mixer, tossing in some powdered sugar.  This just seals the deal for me on making this dessert one of the best things ever.

Top off the dish with little sprinkles or a dash of berries or nothing at all.
It is the undeniable supreme dessert.

So all you need for this amazing creation is :
1 boxed angel food cake,
2 cups of juice,
2 cups of fruit,
1 Tbs. clear gelatin, and
a small container of cool whip
(or a dairy cow, if you prefer.)


  1. "Like" I had that at Ruthie's shower. It was very good!

  2. Ok this sounds amazing...and now I must try it. thanks for sharing!

  3. I made this tonight, very good! Thanks for the recipe.

  4. This looks amazing! love it! I appreciate you sharing this on the comfy site! love to you, Janelle


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