Saturday, November 6, 2010

3 Questions.


 I am working like a mad man on painting, sanding, staining, polyerthaning right now.  I have to drop off my load of crafts at Grandma's Holiday Craft Show in town

"WHY are you on here blogging then?"
you ask.

Yes, I hear you,
all of you dear folk concerned about my ridiculous sleep schedule of late.

Because, considerate ones,
I do need to emerge from the darkness of the basement on occassion,
find a pathway out of the paintbrushes, paint cans, food wrappers and juice boxes,
stain rags, and assorted semi-painted saleables.
And if all this work doesn't reach completion as expected,  I do already have several boxes of completed crafts that just need to be itemized

somewhere in the attic.

Occassionally, I do need to find something new to eat,
feed my forlorn children who have waited entirely too long for their lunches
subsisting on fruit-roll-ups (home-made ones, thankfully),
popsicles (yes, it is frosty outside, but that doesn't stop my children from wanting popsicles;
does it stop yours?)
and hot chocolate (to warm their popsiclized insides when they are done
- sorry my Farmer.  Yes, another made up word.)

So I found the stairs to come up to real life again
and nearly entered the grave when I went in here

and saw this:

 Three questions:

 1.  Why does my daughter delight in using her brother's toys as weapons of heart-stopping fear
to her dear, hard-working mother.

2.  Is there a person alive who can actually claim making this type of thing for their job in life?

3. Where was my brain when I bought THIS thing for my son for his birthday?

I think I must have inhaled too many paint fumes prior to that shopping trip.

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  1. LOL! I would NEVER ask you why you blogged in the midst of mind numbing other work - - - I'd do the EXACT same thing. Blogging gives us our "stability."

    My students used to LOVE to pull similar pranks on me - - - usually I was able to RECOGNIZE the plasticness of the creature BEFORE I gave way to a scream - - - but not always.

    Are you old enough to remember the "Creepy Crawler" sets of the 60's???? Now THERE was a toy a mother could be PROUD of, no???

  2. Hello...

    Hehe...gotta love those kids! I had three girls and must admit that they really never played any pranks on me when they were home. Of course, they are all married with families of their own now. I have 8, they have tried playing a few of these type of pranks on Grandma! I loved it! Hehe!

    Thanks so much for joining in with the Sunday Favorites repost party this week...loved your post, my friend!

    Warmest spring wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design


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