Friday, November 26, 2010

My Thanksgiving Dessert: Humble Pie.

 Preparing for Thanksgiving:
painting turkeys we made by tracing Lillie's hand.

 A painted hand-turkey for each person at GrandMom's Thanksgiving supper.

One of the best parts of Thanksgiving preparations: licking the bowl and beaters from the dessert.

After Thanksgiving dinner, the men relax
while the women do battle on the Scrabble board.
I am always sorely beaten.
But that's okay.

It's okay.

Even if I was over 60 points behind the winner.

Shawn comes from a smart family.
His mom and sister argue discuss words that are allowed throughout the game:
Latin words, French words, German words, words that I have no idea of their origin.

Ladies, I'm still learning English.

Of course, Shawn is smart,
but he refuses to play.

Shawn is smart.

GrandMom can beat the daughter-in-law in Scrabble while also doing a puzzle with the kids.
Yes, she is the mother of my husband.

A very smart cookie.

A Happy Thanksgiving was had by all,
even if the dessert on hand for me was Humble Pie,
yet again.

Humble Pie is my specialty.

But I have fun eating it.


  1. I dont consider myself smart,but I do know where my limitations are. Im more of a trivial persuit guy. hope everyone had a great holiday and continue to have much to be thankful for!

  2. Trivial Pursuit, huh? I think I answered one question in the entire game I played LONG ago. I think you and I are better off playing Yahtzee together, where we are more on even ground. :)


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