Monday, December 6, 2010

The REAL Meaning Behind Pumpkin Pie Painter

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I wrote this post a few months back
but as it explains about my blog
and about myself,
I thought I'd share it here

I've been meaning to write a post about why my blog is called
"Pumpkin Pie Painter."

After all, I don't especially like Pumpkin Pie;
I don't paint pumpkins

and definitely don't paint pies.
I barely even make pies; I'm not exactly the worlds greatest cook,
although I do make a mean cherry pie,

if my grumpy stove wants to cooperate with me.

(It fluctuates in temperature,
or at least that is my excuse.)

I just finished decorating my house for Christmas,
and I find it funny how much of our personalities are wrapped up in our decorating.

My decor is not really a certain style.

I am not modern,
not primitive (although my skills at math can be),
not fancy or Victorian.
I am somewhat country,
but also,
well, maybe a little eclectic in my choices.

Perhaps it is the "artist" in me?

 I like fun things,
sparkly glitter and bright colors.
 (My sisters and I joke that it's our Russian coming out.)

 But I like quaint and simple, too.

 I love living on a farm,
being married to a man who values farming.
I can respect that it's not for everyone,
and that's as it should be because we are all different;
but I love having my hands dirty,
smelling outdoorsy things,
the colors of nature,
the smell of hay,
the sound of cows mooing and munching on hay;
and bees flitting from flower to flower on the raspberry bushes.

 I'm sentimental.
I love that my husband's grandfather
with incredible patience
built these little cabins,
carving out the tiny details.
He was a sweet man,
and I wish my kids could have met and had some memories of him.

 I do love to paint.  Sometimes I take something like these candlesticks I found 

paint them black, cover them with Modge Podge,
and then sprinkle glitter all over them so I can use them for Christmas.

Other times, I take simple candlesticks and paint colors and flowers all over them,
rather like that first picture.

I recycle
and hope that I'll like the results.

 I love Christmas,
and birthdays,
days spent with the people I love
most of the time just at home in the garden or doing farm projects.

I love singing loudly to songs I love
when only my kids are around to hear me
because they don't notice;
they're singing just as loudly.

I love Valentine's Day,
shopping with my mom
and when I can with my sisters,
visits with friends:
in person and letters.

 I love cozy fires on cold windy nights
by the stone hearth that was built from stones that my loving father-in-law and father hauled from the pasture; my husband had been deployed to Iraq at the time.

I love this picture that has a lot of meaning to me

because I believe in God.
He is the God that has saved me personally
from my wrongs,
through Jesus His son
and made me right
because He loves me.

And He does things that are unique:
like the way we got our farm


this picture.

 This picture was on a wall at my Farmer's Grandfather's house.
I had just been discussing with my husband who one of my favorite painters is.
And suddenly, as we were looking around during a visit,
my husband pointed to the name on this picture.

Could it be?
What are the chances in all of this world and all of the painters
that this would be the very artist that I so admired.

But it was,
and when my Farmer's Grandfather died,
he left the picture to us
because he knew how much we liked it.

Yes, the things that we treasure often represent a little of who we are. 


And now,
I give you the meaning of my blog name:

When my son was younger,
we taught him his name.

His sister likes to tease,
like her father does.
I guess her mother does as well;

and when we'd ask our son his name and he'd tell us,
Violet would say,
"No it isn't.  It's Pumpkin Pie.  Your name is Pumpkin Pie."

Our son would get very angry and grit his teeth and say,
"My name is NOT Pumpkin Pie!"

What an insult.
And we'd all laugh.

Eventually, this became his joke, too,
and he'd call us each Pumpkin Pie when he was in one of his teasing moods.

And so,

of course,

I am Pumpkin Pie Painter.


  1. Wow! What a great intro post! I loved the pictures and I LOVE how you put the little village in your fireplace, what a fantastic idea!

    Thanks for linking up with A Lazy Mom Holiday Meet and Greet!

    The Lazy Mom

  2. I am visiting from Lazy Mom's meet and greet...Nice to meet you! I like the village in your fireplace too.

  3. That was so nice! I love the log cabins. I like that you are you! What a neat story of the name "Pumpkin Pie".
    How do you find these blogs that have these topics?

  4. I love the fireplace! I love all of the decor! Visiting from meet & greet! :-)

  5. Hi, nice to meet you! (via the Meet&Greet).
    cute Blog Name Story. (and I totally missed that part of the instructions for the meet & greet entry. I'm a Lazy. Reader, too)

    I don't paint or make pumpkin pies. my my son makes pies. pumpkin cheesecake is the most requested. (he doesn't EAT pies, just makes them)

  6. You seem like someone I can relate to! I'll be following...


  7. Wonderful intro!! It is a pleasure to get to know you.

  8. Thank you everyone! It is so much fun meeting people through blogging. I will be sure to check out all your blogs as well! Thanks for visiting and for your kind words!
    Tammy, I'll send you an email about finding the links. :)

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  10. Aw, the story behind your blog's name is absolutely adorable, your son sounds like a little ham. I love the name violet by the way, very cute! Thanks for sharing with the blog party! :)

  11. I love those family words and meanings :)
    Our whole family calls strawberries "gubbies" because it was how my son (now 23) pronounced it.
    We also say "wubbit" (for rub it) when someone gets hurt (my daughter who is now 19)
    and "yetme" for let me do it (son who is now 16) lol

    Great to party with ya!

  12. Beautiful decorations.

  13. This whole post just made me smile and smile and smile. I loved every delicious word of it. You have so much heart in every line and between the lines for that matter. I dream of living on a farm, so don't mind me if I live vicariously through your farm life adventure. Thank you for sharing your heart and your home with little ol' me in Indiana. Michelle

  14. Love the little cabin scene! And how precious and priceless that your husband's grandfather made them! Wow!

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  16. What a beautiful post! I enjoyed the pictures and the meanings. It is nice to meet you.

    Amy @ Missional Mama

  17. Well I think you sound like someone who just soaks life in! :) Your pictures were all so cozy. They gave me the feeling of sitting by the fire.

    Thank you for introducing yourself and joining in the blog party!
    Have fun visiting blogs and making new chums!

    Enjoy your day!

  18. Just popping in from Lynnette's blog party. I love your blog!! I too love those special little things of the past involving loved ones. In 1993 we lost our home and about 90% of our belongings in a flood and what I hate the most is having lost so many sentimental keepsakes that can never be replaced!! :-(

    It was nice "meeting" you!

  19. Loved your intro nice to meet you! I used to call my son, Pumkin Pie Fry Guy. He is now seventeen and speaks with a man voice. But, your post reminded me of that sweet time when he was small and curled up on my lap.

    Blessings to you...

  20. Oh my goodness am I ever leaving here with a smile! What a absolutely delightful blog. And what a way to name a blog!
    Fun Spring Party Lynnette put on!

  21. I love your story of the name. It made me laugh cause my aunt and I are the same age we were always together. When we was little somehow we got the name punk&pie I was punk she was pie.
    I am your newest google follower. Please come look around my site

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  23. Stopping by from the UBP11! What a great intro post - and I can see that your readers and visitors from other places are loving it, too. It's so fun to find out the story of who is behind all these different blogs. Great work!

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  25. Hi,
    I am joining Sarah's lovely party from my vintage apartment in Chicago. So glad you joined, too.


    Gg - Notes on the Journey
    Link #26

    ps. So fun to see your home at Christmas.

  26. I love that picture story. How amazing!!
    And the meaning behind your blog name is adorable!! I love connections like that - Modern Country Style doesn't quite work in the same way, does it?!


  27. Ah I finally know the reason why you're called the Pumpkin Pie Painter!

    So neat! I also love all the creative photos and thoughts from your heart.


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