Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Trouble with Sickness...

When Baby succumbs to sickness
the whole household turns sad
To watch her sniffle snuffs our joy;
it makes us all feel bad.

 Those grins have turned to grumpy;
her traipsing trails to slow;
crying, she clings to mother's legs
wherever she tries to go.

 With outstretched arms and pleading eyes,
"Mommy, hold me" they surely say.
She whimpers, cries, then sneezes
in such a miserable way.

  At night Baby's dreams are fitful;
noisy breathing as she sleeps.
Her tiny stuffed nose won't let air in.
This scares her and she weeps.

 Mom's peepers look so tired
And Daddy's eyes are, too.
Both worry, whispering silent prayers.
There's not much else to do.

 But when Baby's feeling better
Even just a bit
The day hours begin to brighten
the night hours start to fit.

The days are not so weary,
The nights: they're not so long.
Her Daddy starts to smile again
and Mother hums a song.

'Cuz life's not oh-so-happy
When one must bear a blight.
We're thankful baby is back to smiling
and is on the mend to right.


  1. So sorry she is sick. Hope she feels better soon and mommy too! :(

  2. It's true. Having a sick child casts a shadow over everything.

    Glad she is on the mend now!


  3. Thank you. I'm glad she's feeling better; she was a mess for a while! :S

  4. Love that, Tonya. You really should make a book of your blogs. This one is nice with it being poetic. And Lillie is so cute!

  5. And it's always so hard when they are that little..hope all is well:)

  6. hope the farmer stays healthy as of now Im not at full strength, mostly because I have not been offered any of those winning recipes from the previous blogs


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