Thursday, February 10, 2011

Restroom Rewards

I'm participating in Jenny Matlock's Alphabe-Thursdays Letter "R"

I was righting my rumpled bed this morning while Violet welcomed the morning with a CD recording that had just rang out a song of rhyme and rhetoric about building up our treasures in heaven.
Running into my room, she reflected on the reprise,  raising the question,

"Mom, how do we build up treasures in heaven?"

I raised my gaze to her and responded,
"When we as Christians do things that are right,
it is laying up treasures in heaven.
We are raising a right reward where riches do not rust or rot."

"You mean, if I take all my money from my piggy bank and put it in the offering plate, it will be treasure in heaven?" she reasoned.

I responded that while it is right to return riches to God through the church,
with a rejoicing response,
and that we are required to do that to help get God's work done,
what was actually being written about was doing right;
 because we love the Lord,
and that someday God will reward us in heaven for doing things the right way,
regardless of whether we really wanted to respond rightly.
Responding rightly for God receives eternal rewards.

Violet did not hesitate for a moment, but said,
"Well, I know that you're going to get a reward when we get to heaven."

I must rightly retell that I inwardly relished the fact that she so readily recognized my "reward-worthy rightness". 
I reacted:
"What regal, robust thing could it be?"

And then she responded so resolutely:
"Back when we went to Knoebels..."

~(an amusement park we went to

almost 5 months ago...

Yes, 5 MONTHS AGO).~

" let that lady go ahead of you in the line in the Restroom."

I have to admit, I reacted with laughter.
It rose,
rumbling and resonating 'round the room.
  The realization that such a "religious" reward
had been rested upon this response in the crowded restroom
in such a remote location
at such a random moment,
ridiculously rumpled my remembering heart.

But it was so long ago.

My inward eyelids were raised to what our children see and
remember us doing;
what effects them,
in the smallest sense.

The things that we don't even think that they see
can have such a big impact on them:
true religion.

I refocused:
"Humble Pie,"
or rightly deserved redirecting of the pride.
My real person was rattled
with a good dose of
reflective reevaluation:

What about the roughness with which I answered my Romeo
when he playfully roused me, a bit too raucously on Saturday,
so as to rush me into responsibilities
when I wanted more rest?

Or the regret I now had about rambling on about the restaurant cashier who seemed reflective.
Could she not see my rush and respond more rapidly?

But then my daughter reissued the rhetoric:
"I will get a reward when I get to heaven, too."

"Really?" I awoke from my reverie.
"Please, replay your rewarding reason."

She responded:
"I wanted the last roll at Auntie's rehearsal dinner, 
back in May;
but I let the groomsman have it because he wanted it, too."

Relief rode in on reactive laughter,
quickly stifled,
so as not to ridicule her.

If rewards in heaven are reaped so randomly
and with such relatively simple reasoning as this,
unmarred by our regurgitated recommended religious rites; 
albeit with ruthless irregularity,
as the receding months that had raced by since;
if we reap rewards by my daughter's ratings...

let's just say:

Real religion relinquishes rudimentary rights,
resigns self-glory with rejoicing response to repose in the rays of the Redeemer's radiance,
 resulting in real riches.

Or, a more simple answer that Violet might say:
"Real riches come from right responses
to a loving Redeemer."

Linked to:
 Kellys Korner Blog
 Parenting Tip: Our kids are watching us in all we do.
They see our real "religion,"
and it's often in the small things.


  1. Really well done! My little guy watches everything. I hpoe I am teaching him good lessons too.

  2. Oh my word, what a brilliant r post!! Wow! Lots of effort and lots of fun.

  3. Really well done! Enjoyed your post.

  4. wow,
    you have written a fabulous r story.
    lovely shots.
    keep rocking.

  5. Hee hee! Had to laugh and smile at the cleverness of this whole post!

  6. This was both fun to read and thought-provoking.

    Our children are watching us all the time, aren't they? And by small things are great things brought to pass.

    Every little act matters.

    Great post.


  7. How do I Respond to this Rewarding Relaxing Read.
    Well done Tonya!

  8. Wonderful post! My kids remember things from years ago that I've long forgotten. I sometimes need a reminder that its those little things that make such a big difference.

  9. Oh that is so cute! A lovely "R" story.

  10. Hi!
    Thanks for linking up with the Terrific Thursday blog hop and folllowing my blog!

    Have a great day and happy blog hoppin'!

  11. That was so sweet. Wish I could think of a R for my Response but I think you used them all.

  12. Boy, did I need to Read this tonight!

  13. The little things add up to a right attitude!

  14. I'm your newest follower! I'd love for you to stop by and follow me back! Thank you! (:


  15. Wow ! It's true ; the right response is Love . Love is what we will be judged on for sure.

  16. Isn't it amazing the things kids pick up on and remember. Certainly makes you remember that little eyes are always watching. Great post!

  17. Wow! It really is important to remember that little ones see us and pay attention to what we're doing even when we think they aren't noticing.


  18. It's hard to remember sometimes just how much they are taking in....

    cute story..

  19. Thanks for the input! I agree, it does feel like we're always influencing our kids, all the time. A bit scary, but I'm glad my parents were so loving and apologetic. I think that's what keeps kids' hearts in the end. I feel like I'm ALWAYS learning!!

  20. Hello Farmer's Wyfe,
    My goodness..this post was so clever and thought-provoking.. well done! That must have taken quite some time to put together!
    To answer your query on my, I'm not Lilyrose, your lovely commenter. I see she has no blog link and has 3 daughters, whilst I have a couple of blogs and 2 sons :-)
    I use the name Lily-Rose Cottage, as it reminds me of Christ as the Lily of the valley and the Rose of Sharon. Thank you for visiting and leaving your very kind comment!

  21. CReative and Really fun post to Read. I Relished eveRy moment of it.

  22. Oh my gosh. What a ridiculously fabulous link to Alphabe-Thursday's letter "R".

    This post made me smile and laugh and think and ponder and wonder...

    Such a good reminder of how much little ones take in...we are always setting an example.

    Thank you for this wonderful link.

    I really, really enjoyed my stop here today.


  23. I LOVE this post. Beautiful. Convicting. Encouraging. Thank you.

  24. Great job!

    So happy to have found you today through the HHH.

  25. What an interesting creative post. I'm glad you shared with us.


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