Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sweet Moon's Destiny

 Have you heard the news,
my dear Moon?

 There have been murmurings coming from the children
 upon their return from the evening feedings at the barn.

 There have been grumblings and rumblings coming from my Farmer.

 You are involved,
oh, Blackness of Splendor.



 The barn has been invaded...

 by an arch enemy of damaging magnitudes.

 Prepare yourself.

 The long cold winter is fast ending and you have been chosen to leave our 
warmth and comfort in the house...

 to indulge on the Rattus Norvegicus in the barn.

I think that you will be delighted...

quite  honestly,

 I will miss the sweetness of your quiet companionship.

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  1. Your cat is beautiful. I hope she enjoys her barn snack

  2. Yes, it is time. But I already miss his purring.
    Thanks for stopping in! :)

  3. II Thess.3:10 b "If anyone (even cats) will not work,neither shall he eat." Do you think Sweet Moon will understand this if you quoted it?

  4. Oh she is a beauty. I bet she misses you too mommy. Is she a good mouser/ratter? Bless her :)
    Thanks for linking up for FFF gal :)

  5. How beautiful! She looks ready to do the job.

  6. Oh, I don't like it when we have invaders in the barn. Hope your little kitty is up for the job!

  7. She is beautiful I am sure she is up to the task. B

  8. We have mice (and moles) aplenty but thank goodness I have not yet seen a rat. Sweet Moon looks up to the challenge. My barn cats are staying in the mudroom for another month. I have seen kitty prints in the snow, so someone is covering their duty while they are on vacation.

  9. What great photos and a great 'edge of the seat' story! My poor barn kitties have spent the winter in the barn - they know not of the luxuries of a sunny patch of floor in the house!


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