Monday, March 14, 2011

Pre-Giveaway Announcement...

I've been busy lately with a few things:
I've been hanging out up in these...

doing a lot of this.

Speaking of outside things...
I have a give-away for 3 of these!

I will be giving a good description of this wonderful video
by Bulk Herb Store...

and all that it contains in my next post.
So be back tonight or tomorrow morning to sign up for this fantastic give-away!

Until then, I need to run out...

to the library

to return these...

now that Violet has finished her school out here:

which is still waiting on the drywall
and flooring.
I am considering doing the floor myself
using painted paper bags and polyerthane.

I'm not crazy,
I saw it online.

Except I'm thinking of painting my bags gray
and painting divisions on them so they look like stones or tile.

Maybe I am crazy
because I still need to make a final decision on this:

I asked my Farmer...

what color I should paint the new cupboard when it comes...

and he looked at me like I was crazy
told me I'd have to decide myself.

I'm not good at deciding...

but he does like when I help him bed up the cows...
because an extra hand makes light work...

except when I wander to the back of the barn
where I know this is hiding,
and beg my farmer to let me fix it for the new porch
because somewhere,
underneath the cobwebs
and bird droppings,
is an amazing piece of furniture...

or so I tell him.

In a little bit, however,
it's off to the vet with this one.

He's got horrible scratching issues lately.
Poor puppy.

Getting old is no fun for our four-footed friend.

Until next time,


  1. Is that room going to be your new kitchen?
    How exciting!

  2. I will def be back! I've been eyeing that DVD. :)

  3. getting old isn't fun for your two footed friends either ( I don't itch I just hurt)

  4. I love the idea of paper-bag-based stone or tile floor. How cool is that?


  5. I saw that paper bag floor! I thought about it too, but not sure how it would hold up with our big dog! I'll let you tell me after you do it! Can't wait to see what color you choose for your cabinets!!!

  6. I am SOOOOO glad I found your blog yesterday or was it the day before?

    Love this post.

    I can't WAIT to see the paper bag floor - - - I'm sure it will be tres cool and how could you POSSIBLY beat the price?

    And gator chompers in a fish bowl. I'm cracking up at that one!

  7. Your photo made me smile! I am a color paint samples hanging up person...trying to decide...which color,this one-no that one??? AGONY!!! I'm sure that you will pick that just perfect color. I always tell myself it is just paint and if you don't like it I can repaint (which I haven't had to do,yet,thank goodness) I'm waiting for warmer weather so I can paint my kitchen cupboards...just white(my walls are a chocolate brown) except my island...what color should I paint it? Time to hang paint samples!

  8. Oh I can't wait to see it all. It sounds wonderful. Thanks for linking to TTT. Hugs, Marty

  9. I love that you call him farmer. ;-) xox

    What is the new room going to be? I'm curious about the bags?

    I always chuckle when I read your posts.

  10. I will be back to sign up. I know how it feels to want to paint paper bags and do it yourself :) LOL
    Thank you for your sweet comment on my post today.

  11. Lovely post! A fun read...have a great week. Hope the trip to the library was fun. I just had to renew my books. But I did it online. That made it easy!


  12. Thank you for the fun comments. No, Tammy, it's not going to be our kitchen: probably more for our dining and living area. Our kitchen is very small when we have guests. This will give us a better entertaining space. (maybe a futon out there, too, if we ever get overnight guests?) (Maybe my sewing machine out there?) (Maybe we'll just live out there? :) )
    Neat that you thought about the bag floor, too, Julie. I probably wouldn't consider it in the kitchen or places of high traffic, but since this probably won't get as much going on, I'm hoping it will be okay. It's just a temporary fix for a few years. My husband needs a skid loader, and a floor for around $100 sounds much better $ wise than one that would be close to $800. Plus, it would be a fun learning experience. :)
    Keetha, the skull in the fishbowl is my boy's joy. It was his fish originally, but his fish has since past on to a watery grave. We now have one tiny family fish in there. :)
    I hope you have a better time choosing a paint color for your island, Kay. I can't say I'm any further in my decision! I do love white, too, but it just seems impossible with all the dirty hands around here! :S My kids aren't helping either: my son wants blue and Violet wants flourescent green!


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