Wednesday, April 13, 2011

An Interview.

is a lovely lady
that I met through blogging.
She enjoys the farming life
and does some fantastic artwork.

Every week she interviews
"Barn Chicks Who Blog"
at her blog
'Everyday Rurality.'

I had the pleasure this week
of being
the barn chick that she interviewed.

What a treat
and a special kindness from
such a fun blogger.

Thanks again, Patrice.

And welcome to those of you who have come to visit
or joined me over here as well!

If you'd like to read the interview
 just click on this link below

In the meantime, here is one of my favorite spring photos of my son from last year.
If he could keep a frog in his pocket all year round,
I'd never hear a peep out of him.

I'm linking this picture up to Tracy's Trinkets and Treasures Angle Party.

Hop on over to check out the other fun angle pictures.
(Yes, the term "hop" was used intentionally here.
My humor usually begins to croak at this late hour.
I get green with envy over people with quick humor
unlike mine which tends to hesitate and stick to my tongue.
Please, don't tell me to go jump in a lake.
I know I am about as annoying as a fly buzzing.
So, I'll just stop now.)

Hoppy Wednesday, folks.


  1. awwww how adorable your son is with the little frog! so cuteee! congrats on being interview by such a lovely lady! thanks for dropping by

  2. Your son does look adorable with the little frog. Great shot! by the way i have a painting blog as i saw it as one of your resumes you might want to check it out if you have time...Thanks!

  3. He holds that frog so gently and you can tell he is mesmerized by it. How cute. Thanks for linking.

  4. What a cute picture! I love the little frog. My son "loves" animals a little too much right now to show so much restraint! haha!

  5. I love him with that little frog. Your children are having such a rich experience as children on a farm.


  6. Nice blog you have here! Glad I found it!
    I love the photo of your son holding the frog! Nice shot!

  7. What a precious photo. He is being so careful with the frog--too cute!! Thanks for sharing this darling picture on Tracy's link party :)

    Katie@Little Things Bring Smiles

  8. What a sweet picture of your son with a frog. Thank you so much for your words of encouragement on my blog. You made my day!

  9. What a sweet picture of your son with a frog. You made my day today with the encouragement you left on my blog. Thank you so much!


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