Tuesday, July 5, 2011

When the Spider Bit my Hand

This is the mulch pile that,
as my Farmer said,
 "Needs to get used; 
the grass beneath it is dead!"

 This is the flower bed
where mulch was in need...
 to blanket the enlarged garden
and squelch out the weed.

This is the glove for my gardening work:

the garden and mulch pile,
I no longer could shirk.

This is the place where the spider's web was
unbeknownst to myself
he took up house in his fuzz.

This month old scar is what's left
from stinging pangs:
thinking mulch stuck my wrist
when I saw twas not, but his fangs.

Here grows the plantain that was picked and minced
then placed with a hot tea bag while in pain I winced.

This is the mailbox where the ER bill will come;...
but the plantain had removed the poison,
swelling gone,
problem done.

So if you are a'gardening and you come upon a fiend,

 remember good friend Plantain,
he's the best Dr. for your need.

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  1. Ouch! But I'm glad it's better now.

  2. Sounds like a great remedy! Good thing you knew about it.

    What kind of spider bit you?


  3. Dang! Did you see the spider? Does the Plantain have to be fresh? Do you grow it indoors in the winter?

  4. Thanks for your sympathy. :)
    They weren't sure what kind it was. It was actually still in it's web in my glove: he'd just stuck his fangs out the end of the sack to pinch me. I actually got him into a cup with alcohol and drowned him in it so I could have him for identification.
    It looked similar to a brown recluse, and b/c it hurt so much, we thought I'd better go in and get it checked.
    Plantain is pretty rugged and grows outdoors until the snow covers the ground here. It can be dried though, and used that way as well.
    Yes, I'm glad it turned out okay. Nothing like feeling something sticking you and thinking it's mulch, and then finding out it's actually spider fangs: I think THAT was the worst part!!! :S

  5. Cute post - sorry you got bit, though. Those sneaky spiders - I've been bitten this year, too, thinking it was a thorn sticking me. Didn't realize till later. Glad you're healing fine. I always worry about brown recluses.

  6. I will remember that...we have lots of plantain. Does it work for stings as well?

  7. Okay, I am going to sound dumb, but you did drink the plantain, not just rub it over the spot, right? Yours truly....clueless:)

  8. I don't know any better than Tammy, so please share how exactly you use the plantain! I would think you put it directly on the bite to draw out the poison, but you really must share! Great poem and beautiful pics! Now that our work has moved out of the house and my MIL is looking for a job, our gardens are sorely neglected!

  9. oh my, i am so glad you are ok! i always shake out my shoes in the barn for fear of spiders and the horse blankets and sheets before i put them on the ponies...that broadleaf plaintain looks like a weed. i need to research online to see if we have it as it sure looks like there is a ton of it in the fields. thank you so much for sharing this remedy! btw, i love your home. the stone is gorgeous!

  10. Ladies you smash the leaves and put the juice on the area that is hurt ,it works on minor burns also. Good thing my wife never had to worry about scorpions in her bed and shoes

  11. Thanks for your help there, Farmer. :) Yes, spiders are bad enough. Scorpions aren't meant for this woman.

  12. Oh, my--so sorry about your spider bite, but what a fabulous post about it anyway! ;-)


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