Monday, August 1, 2011

These Things Should...

Fruits like this:
should not require so much waiting.

Fingers this small:
should not get slammed in doors
(even if she's doing the slamming).

Dyes like this:
 shouldn't be so hard to find time to put on 
increasingly graying heads like mine.

Smiles on rides like this:
should be blown up and hung on billboards.

 Early morning views out onto pretty porches
 should not have to daily see this,

gifted by a creature that later...
poses like this.

 Over-zealous spring cuttings like this:

 should not root so quickly and all need to be potted up
 like this.

Farmer's who steal cameras and sneak shots like this:
 should at least get the autograph of the stars he poses with.

 Tender summer pickings from a sweet daughter like this:

 should be renamed many-daylily.
and last at least that long.

What kind of miscellany is making moments at your house?

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  1. oh, this post was so sweet! loved it - even the cat 'gifts'. :)

  2. I had one of those lovely bird gifts on my doorstep before I left on vacation. I don't even know "who" left it for me, but it was not good!


  3. I couldn't tell for sure what was on the porch, but it couldn't have been good. I wish my kids still wore cool band aids. I miss that. Lovely photos and commentary!

  4. Ouch poor little fingers! Sweet girl. Sorry about the porch and cat. I wouldn't imagine that is fun to wake up to. Love all the pics. Hope you are doing well :)

  5. I just loved this post! It's so thoughtful and inspirational. Your little girl is precious!

    Thanks for your comments and becoming a friend and follower. I am following you too!

  6. Beautiful melon - I am envious. We had 4 nice sized melons until last night when they were hollowed out by an intruder. Lovely post!


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