Friday, August 12, 2011

When the Beauty is Lost.

The Prompt for Today was:

I emerge from from the basement
having watched a small portion of a movie about the Holocaust.

My heart feels heavy,
my eyes still wet from angry tears.

How could a people be so cruel,
so full of hatred,
so empty of empathy,
so deceived?

Where is the beauty?

What marks of goodness dwelt in such places?

Where God has been refused,
where no real love for Him exists,

there is 
bitterness and ugliness
and unfathomable deeds.

There is distortion of good.

There is evil.

Beauty is in God
who loves with no partiality.

Beauty can come from the ashes...

but the ashes cry out
in ugly reminders
of where man can go
when the beauty of a man's soul
is lost. 

 May we never,

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  1. Beautiful writing and yes...may we never forget.

  2. That was so beautiful it brought tears to my eyes...

  3. beautiful tribute!

    I wrote about beautiful feet here: BEAUTIFUL FEET BLOG POST:

  4. Wonderfully written words.

    And true.


  5. So powerful! Beauty is a gift, when we refuse it we embrace a curse. Thanks for sharing your heart.

  6. Oh, the Holocaust was so very, very ugly. I was so surprised when I read Corrie Ten Boom and found that even in the midst of that horror God had brought beauty... truly he is the God of the impossible.

  7. "but the ashes cry out
    in ugly reminders
    of where man can go
    when the beauty of a man's soul
    is lost" powerful and true, and so very, very sad-
    May we never forget

  8. Powerful and lovely.

    This was so poignant.


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