Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Apple Pie in a Vase.

Orange, red, yellow, brown...
the colors of fall.

But there are flowers in fall
that seem to shout out a last "hooray"
as summer's hot temperatures dissipate
into cool breezy days
followed by cooler "sweatshirt" nights.

 Asters are a favorite of mine.
They come in a variety of colors and hues
as well as heights.

They bloom for countless days
and carry their beauty well in a vase for a week or so.

 These vibrant purple aster are a favorite of mine.
I found this old cream cheese box out in my husband's shed
while rummaging for a tool to rescue an idea I had
that went bad.

The cream cheese box soothed my miserable spirits.
Cream cheese can cure any ill feelings,
but an old box is even better.

 Mums are another fall festive feature.
I have sentimental feelings for mums
as my aunt bought numerous pots of maroon mums
to decorate the wedding hall
for my farmer and I.

They always remind me that I need to
rack my brain on a gift for the Farmer.

 Any suggestions for a man who says he doesn't need anything
would be greatly appreciated.

This fall-themed tea light holder
was rescued from the charity store on a recent visit
for a couple of dollars.

Mums and some decorative grass were set inside a canning jar...

and I have happiness in the bathroom.

Sedum are a favorite of mine:

 They may not be bold in their beauty like roses or tulips,
but their rugged dependability...

 variety of heights and colors...

 and abundant bee love make them a staple in all my flower beds.
We've counted over 40 bees on one small patch of sedum.

 They keep indefinitely in a vase,
it seems,
and are great to dry as well.

Of course, not everyone has access to fresh flowers,
but the variety of artificial ones are countless.
 This cinnamon broom caught my eye,
and the strong smell guaranteed to remove the last
of the damp smell from the flooding we had in the basement a few weeks ago.

 The straw ties were easy to disassemble,
leaving me with plenty to divide
so I could spread the sweet smell all over the house.

 The cinnamon smell makes up for having to use artificial vegetation
although it seems to make me continuously hungry for apple pie.

apple pie may find it's way on the menu
for an anniversary dessert.

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  1. you just answered your own question. can't beat homemade apple pie!!!

  2. Beautiful pictures! Love all your flower displays!

  3. I do love the look of your home. In fact, I think you put the "home" in homemaker.

    As for your husband, a gift that is really neat for the person who has everything is to have all of your relatives write him a note about their good memories of him and then assemble the notes into a birthday book. We've done that for several of our family members, and it never gets old!


  4. Another thing I've done for Dave is to get a romantic looking journal and leave it on his pillow with a first message from me and a pen. I explained in the front that this was for sweet/funny/serious notes that we could take turns writing and put on each other's pillow. (I did this one for Valentine's Day, though.)


  5. Your posts always amaze me!! Would you head south and give me some landscaping ideas?

  6. All very beautiful. I love the first and the one with the bee :)

  7. Autumn is my absolute favorite time of year! I just love all of the flowers and the changing colors of the leaves.

    Your home and landscape are beautiful. It just seems so happy and peaceful. I want my home to speak that to others! :-)

    As for your hubby, does he have a favorite restaurant for which you could buy a gift certificate? Perhaps that would be the start of a wonderful date night together?

    Many blessings,

  8. I just love your flower arrangements. All so different, and each so creative. Very pretty, and yes, they each say 'Fall is here!'.

  9. A present for hubs. I am in the same boat. I read the suggestions and I like the date night out to eat. A win/win! HA!

    Love your flowers and bees buzzing is a sweet sound. I do not like wasps!!!

    Happy Fall,
    XO, Jeanne

  10. very lovely flowers! i really like fall here in the US! I just wished it would last a bit longer...

    Can't beat homemade apple pie and i loved your pictures!


  11. I love mums and sedum, too, but the sedum by my door always seemed to attract flies. I remember working at the garden center and my boss's husband would always make a sign every year for the mums that said, "Mums are like hearts...they break easily." And just talking about them makes me be able to smell the smell of their freshly cut branches. Don't you find they have a very distinctive smell? Love your pictures. It makes we want to come and just relax in your house! (And it's always relaxing there, right...)

  12. I have always wanted to bring my sedum inside and dry, but I was told that they have tons of bugs inside them--do you have this problem? Love your post! The flowers in the vases are beautiful!

  13. I need to plant asters next year - I love the pink and purple.

    Also I need to try drying my sedum and finding a cinnamon broom. Great ideas I never would have thought of . Thanks for sharing!

  14. Thank you for all your sweet comments! Great ideas, too! :) I love the idea of eating out! :) And the journaling idea, especially from relatives and friend is such a fun idea, Sue!! :) Thank you!!!

  15. As far as sedum attracting flies, I don't know. Our barn seems to attract all of them...just the bees seems to collect on our sedum. :) They may be full of bugs, Tammy, but I just shake them well before I bring them in. I've never seen any more than usual on them. Sometimes they can get aphids, but that's not real common. Yes, I do love the distinctive smell of mums. It's probably annoying to some, like marigolds, but I like it. I guess it could have to do with the memories, too. :)


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