Monday, September 5, 2011

Finding a Use for...

 Have you ever gone to a yard sale and saw something
and said,
"What in the world is that?"

It's pretty sad when you say that
and then actually buy it.

But it was sturdy, heavy wood
and only a dollar or two.

Those are good qualities, right?

It sat in my basement for a few weeks
until one day when I realized what my reality was:

I have countless kids books taking over my house.

These are Violet's school books for this year:

These are Levi's
(and probably Lillie's as well)

These are supplemental books for the kids
that go with the theme of Violet's schooling this year:
learning about people and places around the world.

(And this is what happens when my son sees me...
spreading books he hasn't seen
across the floor to take pictures for my blog.)

It dawned on me
that perhaps the wooden thing would be a better way to display
(and have them be able to put back)

I got out my good ol' Annie Sloan Chalk paint
and base-coated the thing with Provence Blue.

I let it dry.

Then I mixed a dab of Provence, Antibes Green, and Paris Grey
for a lighter color,
added some water
and used it as a wash all over.

A clear wax with just a touch of Rugger wax
completed the durability of the paint.

I placed the books upright in the sections...

and was happy to see it holds lots of books
and because it is so heavy
it won't topple over.

The kids are able to pick out
and replace
(that being the key ingredient that was missing before)
the books that they want to view.

It's always a happy moment when you actually find something useful
and it works.

Now we can start school...

as soon as I get the promised treasure hunt map finished
for our first day:


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  1. Good thinking. A book rack!


  2. fABULOUS !! I love what you did. What a great idea.xoxo

  3. Lovely makeover
    dropping in from the blog party

    Cheers from Bangalore ,India
    Dr Sonia S V

  4. now that's great! instead of using it as a shelf, you used it as an open container. :)

    and i LOVE your kids' names! violet, lillie and levi! :)

  5. The books look so inviting...I am sure they will get read! You might like my picture book favorites

  6. Great idea and so useful, too - and I love the color!

  7. I like how heavy it is, and that it is just like "shoppping" when you go to find a book. We all love seeing the front cover, not just the title, when choosing a book. Good job!

  8. Mixologist! I love it. Thx for coming by and sharing again.

  9. Fabulous idea and I love the color! I am going to have to get some Annie Sloan chalk paint to try!
    Have a great Labor Day holiday!
    Tina xo

  10. I love what you did with this piece and the color is beautiful!!!

  11. If you love a piece, inspiration usually strikes at some point. Love the color you chose, and its functionality. Great job.

  12. I love your color combo with the "thing". Your kids will just plain love "thing" for all of their books it can hold.

  13. What a great purpose you gave to your new wooden piece! And that color that you mixed yourself is gorgeous.

  14. Thank you! I do love the color, too! I'm a little addicted to it! :)

  15. What a great idea! Visiting from the HHH.

  16. Awesome! I love the color too! These would be great for sorting toys too.

  17. Nice! I am always looking for different ways to store, display and make available our books.. Great find.

  18. I love how this turned out, what a wonderful way to keep books for children, so easy to see! Also looks wonderful as part of the rooms decor, great color choice, Love It! ~April

  19. Excellent! I love it! What a superb idea. It looks great next to the futon too! When it was against the wall, I thought it was a long shelf.

  20. great job! i love it! here from the HHH, have a great week!

  21. I LOVE this!!! So can you write on it with chalk too? Great job!

  22. What a great use! I don't think I would have ever thought of that...

    Coley @

  23. I love this...what a great find and great make-over! I'm a new follower. My site:

  24. Great idea. Love your blog. I'm your newest follower. If you get a chance hop on over to

  25. Brilliant! What a stylish yet practical piece. Looks like the kids love it, too!!!

  26. This is perfectly brilliant and brilliantly perfect! Thanks for sharing!

    Jayni (yard sale addict who has bought 40-'leven things over the years that were unidentifiable but that became ESSENTIAL!

  27. Great idea, & it looks really nice all dressed up in Annie Sloan.
    :) CAS

  28. It's terrific! What a good job you've done! Don't you love when you can solve a problem you didn't even realize you had?!

  29. Great idea! LOVE finding a storage solution for cheap!

  30. It's perfect!

    Stephanie @


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