Friday, September 9, 2011

In Real Life

The Prompt this week from

(Writing for 5 minutes without editting
on the topic she gives).

 "In Real Life"

"Is there anything special I can pray for you about today?"

His words stumped me,
the man on the phone from our Christian health care group.
Is there?
No, not special.
Not enough to disturb God when He has the weight of the world
on His hands.

Funny how I think that way.
I never did when I was little.
I had the faith of a child then,
and knew that God cared about my little life.
After all, he cared for the ants that I enjoyed watching
as they carried away the cheerios I'd stuffed in my pocket to save
just for them.

He cares about the ants...

just as I did.

But somehow,
through the years,
I got this idea of a level of importance,
like God was too busy to care.

Little things:
like the desk I'd mumbled a prayer for one day
when we were heading out to yard sales.

"It would be nice to find a desk, God,
but not if you're too busy.
Just if you think it's a good idea."

But it wasn't.

Not that day.

Two days before we were to start home-schooling,
I ran into the perfect desk at the economy store
for $2.
Funny how God has a sense of humor that way,
and a time plan that's different than mine.
But that doesn't mean He doesn't care
that He doesn't listen.

In real life,
 God does care.

In real life,

God listens to little prayers just as much as the big ones
because they're all the same size to Him.

Linking up my painted desk 
(base is a plum-colored satin paint
and top is Old White Chalk paint)
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  1. What a sweet post, and a wonderful reminder. My daughter is only two, and I try to keep from laughing at the things she prays about. But you are right- they are important to God. It's only when we grow old and "wise" that we believe they are somehow less important.
    Beautiful desk!
    Stopping by from The Gypsy Mama.

  2. what a great reminder! i know the feeling, though. how He must just shake his head at us, His children, when we feel He is too busy for us. we put our own limitations on Him. may it not be so.

  3. loved this. loved all of it. what a sweet little, sassy girl too...

  4. Such a sweet post . . . and a sweetly answered prayer. We are encouraged to pray about everything, to make our requests, believing that He cares. Oh, that we would stay childlike in our prayers.

  5. So true.

    And He does have His own timetable, doesn't He?

    (I frequently get to learn patience.)


  6. I believe He seems to say no sometimes ... because He knows where the perfect Yes to our requests is and when!
    Perfect timing!
    Thank you, blessings,

  7. how fitting that your child, your daughter was holding a slingshot...hitting the target. she aims. shoots and out it goes. Just like your prayers, dear sister, your prayers touch the heart of God...He cares for you. He cares about your desk. He cares about the ants. He still believes its all important...keep shooting out the strikes the ears of a living God and He will answer you! (such a good post...such a good reminder)

  8. Oh, I feel the same way so days...never wanting to bother God with silly requests or minor problems. In the end, I always end up laughing because God knows. He always knows.

  9. Hello...

    What a sweet post to share with us for the Sunday Favorites party, my friend! God is sooo GOOD to us and He is interested in all aspects of our lives! I'm reminded of the scripture where He tells us that He loved to give us the desires of our heart! I think your sweet little desk is proof! Your daughter looks very pleased with her new desk...that is awesome!

    Thank you again, for sharing your wonderful story with us!

    Have a super, sweet Sunday!


  10. Love it! :0) Popping in from Time Warp Wife.

    Much Love & Blessings,

  11. Great post! When I was first married and dirt poor I remember finding two chairs on the sidewalk for an unbelievable price. I'll never forget the joy I felt as I walked home praying thanking God for those wonderful chairs. God does answer all of our prayers!


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