Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Moment.

A child's long-awaited birthday gift...

 meets with the knowledge that her father knows the instrument.

Lessons he took when at about this age,
the instruction,
still there.

His fingers were once guided,
corrected by an older woman's patient words
and gentle touch:
now manly, leathered, rough with the daily exposure
to hard work.
 Those hands that were once small and unfamiliar themselves,
now carefully place his daughter's.

Etched forever as an unplanned, priceless moment...
 the simple music of our lives.

 "Apply thine heart unto instruction, 
and thine ears to the words of knowledge."
Proverbs 23:12


  1. What beautiful photos capturing such a special moment!

  2. i loved your description of your man's fingers... :)

  3. What precious moments so beautifully captured!

  4. Love the photo editing. Really nice post.

  5. Your words and photos are both truly musical...Love this post - shamelessly, wholeheartedly, love.....Wishing you a beautiful Sunday....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  6. Can't wait to hear Violet play in church...she is getting the best instruction from a loving father!

  7. I don't know why but this just made me laugh so much I was crying. Here I just got makeup on for going to church and I'm a mess. Seeing Shawn with his big rough hands and the look on Violets face just struck me so funny. Sorry, it is precious and so neat how you or none of us had a clue about Shawn's hidden talent. LOVED this! WONDERFUL pictures. So smart to have your camera right there. You told me about it but now I got to see it.

  8. Beautiful memory making photos. Thank you for sharing.

  9. Thanks, everyone. It made me smile, too, to see it. The two of them are fun to watch.

  10. Another sweet post! So beautifully told, too. I played the violin at an early age - for 15 years. You just don't forget the training...over and over again.



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