Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Easy Wreath-making.

 Wreaths are a welcome sight of green in a time when life seems cold,

A burst of life in a never-ending ring.

They can be made from natural pieces,

                                                 Source: via Pumpkin, Pie, Painter on Pinterest

as simple as a ring of boxwood;

                                                               Source: via Pumpkin, Pie, Painter on Pinterest

as delicate as paper doilies;

                                                               Source: via Pumpkin, Pie, Painter on Pinterest

or bold and beautiful
with shouts of reddening enthusiasm;

or simple, like balls of yarn;

                                                          Source: via Pumpkin, Pie, Painter on Pinterest

 or festive sparkling bulbs.

Seeming to look welcoming anywhere,
wreaths can be used in quantities as well; 

                                                     Source: via Pumpkin, Pie, Painter on Pinterest

But nothing seems to evoke the feelings of Christmas,
like an evergreen wreath.

With the simple form of an evergreen wreath,
(the following made from garland fastened together),

a simple wreath can be made

If a snowcovered look is desired,
a little paint with plaster of Paris mixed in 
will stick to the artificial branches.

I like to place all my decorative pieces 
where I went them on the wreath,
an then wire them in small groupings to the wreath.

A friend of mine has wanted me to do a video tutorial on my blog,
so I made this brief one explaining how to make a simple wreath.
(I hope you enjoy this gallant effort I made here, Amanda. :) )

The next time you take a trip out in your car,

notice how many wreaths are on the doors of houses.

Welcoming cheer begins at the doorway of a home.

(I have a friend who just started a blog and you can see her fantastic natural wreaths 
as well as her "sea-glass" Christmas tree >HERE<.)

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  2. Really great wreath inspirations! I have always wanted to make one from Christmas tree bulbs, so pretty and festive!
    Tina xo

  3. All the wreaths are beautiful! Yours blew me away. You have an amazing gift!

  4. Id like to wish you and your family a merry Christmas, and to thank you so much for being a reader to my blog Amish Stories. Richard

  5. Wonderfully inspiring collection of some amazing wreaths! Wow! And congratulations on the video tutorial debut! Very well done! (But couldn't help but chuckle when hearing your background "accompaniment"! Too funny!) Hope you're enjoying these days of magic and wonder....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin


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