Saturday, December 10, 2011

Three Children's Christmas Cookies

Once upon a time,
there were three little children.
these are cookies.

There were three little children:
The oldest was very helpful indeed.

The second,
a boy was...


a boy.

 The third child was,...


stop trying to do everything your sister does.

Put that cookie cutter down before you poke your eye out with it."

These children were accustomed to decorating cookies at Grandma's every year
but this year things did not go as usual,
and the cookies were sadly missed.

Their mother,
being a decent woman,
a rather decent woman with no cookie rights whatsoever,
having a terrible propensity to turn
tasty cookies into healthy round "creations,"
perched upon her computer chair
and ransacked the screen for the perfect cookie...

a healthy one.

And that's how these came about.

The oldest child put out cookies with swift cookie skills.
The boy, well, he was a boy and the cookies he produced were often missing a leg or an arm.

And this one here:
well, this one's whole dough structure disappeared rather quickly,
some in small nibblets onto the floor 
where they were thoroughly smooshed in upon her sneakered descent;
but the majority of which disappeared into the toothed hole above the little purple neckline.

A few minor (healthy) alterations were made to the cookie;
and the frosting found it's coloring coming from this:
Pure cranberry concentrate replaced some of the milk content
so that the frosting would not be too runny.

The cranberry ads a slight tart taste to the frosting
that is barely noticeable when attached to the cookie base.
This alternative is helpful instead of it's carcinogenic counter-part 
(Red #40).

 The result is a pretty pink frosting.

 Of course, it would be helpful if I hadn't bought colored sprinkles.

 Is there a source of healthy colored sprinkles anywhere?

Okay, well.  So let's proceed.
The resulting cookies are great;
my kids gobble them up and I know they are getting some good
from their "dessert."
I have to admit,
I've eaten more than is good for my waistline as well.

The ending to the story:
 Snow fell in the kitchen and the snowmen that were built
smiled sweetly on the children...

 and they lived happily the rest of the day
(while their mother cleaned up the snow-fall
which was the result of the boy,
who was being a boy,
and discovered that flour,
when blown on,
flies like a snowstorm).

I will post the recipe for these happy cookies in the next post,
so that if you desire to cook them,
you won't have to read a book before attempting.

Oh, and I'm soooo sorry about the delay with the giveaway.
My mother actually guessed the correct answer: 
Short Stories by O'Henry.
We actually read one about a pig, but I don't remember much more about it.

Seeing how my mom remembered,
and that's pretty amazing she did because nobody else did,
even my husband,
and she seemed a bit disappointed when I said she couldn't have the prize,
I'm going to award it to her anyway.

However to compensate for your disappointment,
I randomly picked 2 more winners.
I don't have any more of those particular gourd ornaments,
but you can pick either a goose ornament:

Or a birdhouse gourd ornament.
I have several of both, so the winners may choose which one they'd like.

I will enclose a scarf  I crocheted as well.

The randomly chosen winners were:
# 13 - Cranky Crow


# 17 - JennW

Please email me with your choice and address to PumpkinPiePainter1(at)gmail(dot)com

Thanks for all for your fun comments.
I particularly liked the idea of getting an antique book jacket to try.


  1. So I'm really hoping Jenn W is me, but not sure. Won't get to excited about winning until you let me know, but I sure hope I won! I would seriously love one of your creations, they are so beautiful!!!

  2. congrats to your (non-family) winners! loved reading your cookie factory story! :)

  3. Those cookies are just about perfect, especially as viewed on that lovely plate!

    And congrats to your winners...


  4. I've gotten a kick out of reading. How fun and cute! Cute cookies too. Thank you for sharing. Pat

  5. I loved your story since this is what we experienced over the weekend with my 3 bakers. Thank you for sharing and the great tip for red frosting!


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