Sunday, January 29, 2012

Hearts on My Mantel

Decorating for Valentine's Day isn't something I do a lot of.
I have a few little things,
but usually Christmas has me plumb worn out with the

I thought I'd just make a couple little things for my mantel,
so here it is:


My husband gave me this glass bird plaque for Christmas:
isn't it so vibrant and pretty?

He has such good taste.

These are my love-ly creations...

which I will explain tomorrow.
(I made this extra grouping to giveaway,
so come back tomorrow if you are interested).

I also have a fantastic giveaway coming up in the beginning of February.
Stacy, a fabulous creator of jewelry,
made my new wedding ring
and is my first advertiser.

You'll want to be here for her great giveaway!!!

I'm sorry I haven't been much of a writer this week.
It's been a week or two of feeling like I have a lot stewing up there in the brain,
but it's not coming out.

I've been working on house projects while it's winter,
so maybe the paint fumes have gone to my head.

That or I'm drinking too much hot chocolate.

Is that possible?

I hope you have a restful Sunday!

"I will praise thee, O Lord,
among the people:
I will sing unto thee among the nations.
For thy mercy is great unto the heavens,
and thy truth unto the clouds."
Psalm 56:9-10

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(Thanks for your help in letting me know you could see the advertisement.
I was having a hard time getting it up, but I think it's fixed now.)


  1. I saw the add and looked at her shop--very beautiful work. Looking forward to your coming posts!

  2. I can also see the ad. I love your paper hearts. Gonna make some up today!!

  3. Hello, I found your blog while browsing on FJI Saturday Night write with such joy, love and sincerity. Thank you for sharing your life through pictures and words. And girl, I am IMPRESSED by all your canning! This semi-city girl is in awe, the most canning I have ever done is some strawberry jam, raspberry jelly and some chow chow. I keep toying with trying dilly beans...have you got a good recipe?

  4. Thanks, everyone! I worked with the ad and changed how I posted it; maybe that worked. Glad it's visible now! Thanks for your nice comment, too, SuzieQ! I haven't tried any dilly beans but really want to. I'll let you know if I find one (I know of a lady who cans GREAT stuff: I'll have to ask her if she has one). Be sure to come back and tell me if you find one as well! :)

  5. I'll be honest with you, the ads are probably there but I don't see them. They are not on my radar. If a blog starts looking too junky with shapes and colours, I don't care how good the reading is, I turn away. I keep my life and my mind simple. It would be interesting to know how many people could actually recount ads they see on sites without looking.

  6. I see an ad for Form and Function. You mantel looks nice. You are more ambitious the I am. I stuck a heart shaped wreath outside but won't be doing anything else. Like you...burned out after Christmas. Love you bird plaque. and you hearts.

  7. Thank you, Tanya and Fran. I appreciate your help. I don't want my blog to get too complicated. I just hope to help bring in a little funds if possible from my blog to help with our family budget. Being a stay at home mom, I try to find little ways to help out. I'm selective in who I want to advertise, only wanting products that I would support myself. I know there are millions of blogs out there, and I do really appreciate your taking time to visit mine and comment.
    A heart shaped wreath sounds like a nice compromise after Christmas, Fran. :)

  8. I love your banner and hearts!!!! Your mantle looks wonderful! I don't decorate at all for V-day. It's pretty bad--my kiddos asked why do people decorate for V-Day--this shows how I have rubbed off on them :) I love everyone's Decor though! I can see the add and I don't think It takes away from your blog or is in any way distracting.

  9. Oh how pretty I love it. The banner is wonderful and the hearts sprinkled around create such a great vignette. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty


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