Saturday, January 7, 2012


I'm working on painting my living room today.

The color is LOUD.

I look at it and instantly think,
"Screamin' Green."

 I even added some white to it to paint the walls
because it was blinding me untamed.

Maybe it's the weather:
65 degrees on January 7th.
The kids are outside running around
with no jackets on.
The sunshine is screamin'.

It must be affecting my mood.
I had to wear the ring my daughter got me for Christmas
to finish out my look today.
 Tell me that beauty isn't screamin'.

Looks like somebody wants to come in and get some attention.
That window is screamin,' 
"WASH ME!!!"

Don't look at it anymore, 

I'll wash it right away.

Yikes it's bad.
I have to stop looking at it.

 Is it too early for Valentine's Day decorations?
(Okay, I need to admit that
I'm in love with the chicken my husband got me for Christmas.)

I got these bulbs on sale after Christmas.
I thought they didn't look like Christmas.
They're screamin' "Valentine's Day!!!"

It's really quiet in the house when the kids are outside.


  1. Great ring! And I love the bracelet, too.


  2. My house screams too! I went with a green and wasn't sure it would work, but I love it. The white trim definitely helps.

  3. I love the screamin' green!

    I think I'm gonna take an aspirin now from all this screamin'!

    Thanks for the smile...sending you warm wishes for a 2012 filled with all kinds of screamin' happies!

  4. Hey there! I haven't been here for a while, and I have loved catching up with you! I love the green on your walls. Our walls are all very loud colors. I'm not sure that helps calm the place, but it sure does pep my mood when I look around! Love the pic of your window, too. I just got Elizabeth to clean all the windows and fans over Christmas break, and it's amazing how something as 'little' as that being done can really make a person feel good!


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