Monday, January 23, 2012

Or Something Like That.

I thought I had heard them all:
"Cat got your tongue?"

"The dog ate my homework."

"Sly as a fox."

"Happy as a lark."

The kids came in from the barn the other night
after helping my Farmer feed the cows when he got home from work.

"I guess you'll have to throw Levi's other mitten away,"
Violet informed me.

 "What do you mean?" I asked while ladeling up the soup for supper.
"Those were new mittens from Christmas.
How did he ruin one already?"

 "I didn't ruin it." Levi corrected.

"I was feeding the bull a piece of bread,
and his tongue grabbed my mitten right off my hand...
and he ate it."

 Does this mean,
"If you mess with the bull, you'll get the horn
he'll eat the clothes right off your back 
Don't bite the hand that feeds you?"


  1. Had to laugh at this one, who would of thought.
    Hugs Jackie

  2. HA-ha-ha... that was hilarious.
    Your kids are always gonna tell this their kids and their grandkids.
    It's a great story!

    You just can't make this stuff up like that can you?

    gave me a chuckle, Pat

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  4. Did the mitten ever come thru?


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