Tuesday, January 31, 2012

When One Gets Hit by a Wheel Barrow.

 I was terribly wrong.

 I had this secret idea in my mind before I had babies.

When I'd see mothers with their children:
fussing, whining, smarting, tired, frazzled...

I would look at them and think to myself,

"Not me.

When I become a mother...."

And so I did.

 Violet didn't help my mental state.

 She was a perfect baby:
never cried, understood the word "no" from when the umbiblical cord was cut,
was content to play and look at books in her play pen for three hours straight,
and would smile at me when she was hungry.

I was good.

Then Levi came along.
He was nary as good as his sweet older sister,
but he was,
after all,
a boy.

He was a bit slower:
with walking,
with speech,
with learning the word "no,"
but also with learning how to make messes.

He was content to be pulled around in the wagon all day,
the only muscles he moved were the ones that opened and closed his eyelids.

Then came Lillie.

 Let's just say Lillie burst my
"I'm the best mother in the world" mentality,
pretty much at birth.

 I can remember that first night,
relieved that labor was done,
my pillow fluffed and my only thought was of sleep.
 Then the nurse brought her in.

Feed her."

"But I just did...
an hour ago,"
looking at my clock through bloodshot eyes.

"Well, she won't stop screaming.
Do something with her."

The nurse's out-stretched arms were full of my wailing, thrashing newborn.

 "She's yours."

Yes, she is.

Lillie is definitely the artist of my crew,
at least,
she thinks so.

Her artwork causes me much consternation

and her big sister as well.
Oh, the wailing she has caused.

She's also one who thinks that clothing is optional...

and that the sole purpose of socks
is to make them individuals.

Her dolls viewpoint on the subject of dressing,


Her mother's decorations are primarily put around the house

to be used as weapons against her brother's head
when he tries to play with something of hers,
or sips from her juice cup,
or eats one of her noodles.

My poor boy.
Good thing a mother's kisses still cure all wounds
and that Lillie's strength is still not too dangerous.

Her position in all things
is that she is instantly everywhere.
even when I'm capturing my photos.

Her job seems to be to rectify situations that are not right to her:

like the heater.
She seems to think the windows need the most heat;

the magnets should be always on the floor;

and all juice should be at her disposal,

disposal happening when she tries to steal it.
She puts her poor mother into a constant state of cleaning up,
and when the stolen, spilled juice happens to be concentrate,
it just means concentrated sticky.

No one is off limits to her household management system.

No one.

And she must supervise everything,

including her big sister's homework.
(And yes, I am always cold: the hat helps).

All people must be monitored by her.

This child,
this little brown-haired,
brown-eyed specimen of a wee lass
has made it her full time mission
to instruct me
in the finer traits of humility,




and humility.

My other children are learning to adapt, too:
to take an occasional wheel barrow to the head
and learn how to forgive.

But of course,
patience and consistency do come to fruition at rare moments;
and the rewards of seeing a child...

tackling her brother with kisses,
and saying,

"I'm sorry I hit you with Mommy's wheel barrow,
I love you,"
makes the marker stains,
magnet messes,
damaged school work,
heated windows,
and wayward socks
seem much smaller an issue than they were before.

Even if it is
just for a moment.


  1. Ah.....yes....the third child, my three year old reminds me of your little girl, very much...hang in there.....

  2. Awww... Such sweet pictures! AND beautiful kiddos!

  3. I have the perfect blonde haired green eyed accomplice living under my roof. You captured this blessing of yours beautifully!

  4. I confess to those same foolish pre-children thoughts.

  5. Aw...isn't she the cutest litte stink weed you ever did see?

    I love all the stink weeds-- they are what brings Variety into the home---or Calamity...either way- they are much loved!
    Enjoyed it. Pat

  6. One of the sweetest posts I've read in a long time. I love your phrasings. You are a lovely writer.

  7. You have painted such a vivid portrait here. Beautifully done!


  8. And you probably feel the most rewards with her too. What a beautiful story and pictures. sandie

  9. Love this. I, too, have a child who changed my image of myself as a mother. But, oh those hugs and magic moments make it all worthwhile.

  10. Oh my goodness its like you just stepped into my house and you understand how it is for me. This was a great post and it helps me to know there are others out there.
    Please share this at:

  11. She will be the joy of your life! It is so much fun to have multiple children and view their different personalities! All three of mine were such a challenge and have grown up to be awesome. When they get older you will find them to be champions of each other and shoulders of strength!

  12. Good gosh I loved this post! My favorite was the homework helper : )

  13. What a magnificent post!!! I can so relate as my last was by far my hardest!! Yet he looks so innocent and sweet!!! Great pics!!

  14. Love it! God has seen fit to bless me with 3 who like to "teach" me many new, and sometimes painful, lessons. I look at the glass as half full. At least I have 5 who have try to make mothering a little easier and try to balance the 3 whirlwinds. LOL

  15. Visiting your blog always nourishes my soul - and this is one of your very finest posts. I have been away way to long and so needed some of your balance and perspective. You have so many amazing gifts, my friend - and insight and expression are two of your most beautiful. Please forgive my absence and silence....I'm struggling with that balance part. Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin (PS - Love the glimpse of you in the mirror - I wouldn't have caught it had you not mentioned the hat....) ;o)

  16. How sweet. Thank you for giving me a smile today.


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