Monday, February 20, 2012

An Awkward Wall and Some Stencils.

I have an awkward wall in between my living room and my kitchen.

The door to the upstairs is there
and the thermostat,
so there isn't much space to decorate or hang things.

I thought maybe I should get some wall paper for it,
but not wanting to spend the money for such a small section,
I decided a stencil might work instead.


 I've noticed stencils seem to be making somewhat of a come-back,
or maybe I've just developed a love for them again.

I found the images I wanted at the Graphics Fairy...
 and made stencils of them.

(A good help for perfect circles...
 is a hold punch.)

After experimenting on paper to decide the colors I wanted to use,
I filled my tray,

and got the brushes I needed,
one for each color.
 (I got a few extra smaller ones for some of the detail I needed to add).

Starting where I wanted the stencil to be most perfectly centered,
 I  taped it up
(I just use regular scotch tape since it doesn't stay up there very long),
and began painting.

I used my hands and eye to measure the distance between the birds,
alternating the stencils on a diagonal to give it more variety.

 Here's a bit more detail of how I did it.
 Taking a measurement: if I had to use a ruler and try to get them perfect,

 I would get too frustrated and it would likely turn out worse for me.

My attention span is too short.
My two year old's patience with my painting on the walls
 is too short.

I start with lighter colors,
like the light brown
(which was actually a combo of brown, yellow, and white)

 Using the same brush,
I did darker brown in the dotted circle
 (When I need to use the lighter brown again,
I will just pounce the brush out a bit in the tray;
I don't rinse the brushes at all while stencilling
because it tends to make the stencil wet
and the images smear).

 Next I did the red mixed with white.
 I did not mix the red with white to make pink,
I just used the two colors and let them mix themselves on the wall.

Using the same brush,
I painted straight red paint around the edges of the birds.

Then I added just a touch of brown along the wings,
using the same brush.

 (Again, when I am ready to start a new bird,
I will just pounce the brush in a dry part of the tray,
and reload with a good amount of the white and red.)

Next I used the green brush.
 I chose to keep the green simple and just use one color for it.

 (Eyes were added after removing the stencil.)

It doesn't really matter which color you start with,
as long as you start with the lightest color on that brush.

Have a damp rag is handy for the times when the paints smear a bit under the stencil.

I added some free-hand vines to the scene
using paint that was half water/half paint.

I added some extra flowers on some of the vines,
five petaled red flowers,
a few buds,
and an occasional leaf.

Some vine patches were put in where a white space looked a bit too big,
as well as some three dot designs.


 I am happy with the way the wall looks now.

I think it looks cheerful
and just right
for the little pieces of furniture that fit,
like the fun antique mustard cupboard an aunt gave us.

It's a plus that the expense of wall-paper was avoided as well.

Have you stenciled any fun projects lately?
I would love to see them, so let me know!

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  1. So lovely! The hand-painted vining really ties it all together.

  2. That looks so cozy!! You did a great job- and I love the way it picks up the green and red in your house :).

  3. AND it looks BETTER than wallpaper.

    You are so fortunate to have these talents to make your home beautiful.


  4. How clever you are,much nicer than any wallpaper,well done.Love Jill xx

  5. You did a near miracle and NO I would never stencil my wall - lol. sandie

  6. You are so talented! It looks beautiful.

    1. Oh, YAY!! I Blogger is letting me post replies now!! Thank you, Mamma Monki! I hope you have a wonderful week! :)

  7. Thanks, everybody! I wasn't sure if I really liked the wall at first, but now I love it!! It really gives some life to that corner.

  8. Oh Tonya, It looks Wonderful!!! I love it! I really like your greens and reds in your home! You are so talented. I was chuckling when you said your attention span is short--I think you have a big attention span. You are so patient and it shows in all of your art work and writing!

  9. This is gorgeous! I love it! I haven't tried stenciling anything yet. I don't know why I've been afraid. 2012 is the year to try new things! Thanks for sharing, Katharine

  10. Wow so impressed that you made your own stencil!! Maybe I need to think about doing something like this with my dining room- I took the wallpaper off 2 years ago and still need to do something with the walls! Gosh did I just confess that!??

  11. GREAT wall!! I definitely agree with Tammy - as I was reading, I was thinking, this woman has the patience of Job....My attention span would have been drained before I finished cutting out the stencils. Yikes! Turned out amazing - very fresh, and light and whimsical....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin


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