Friday, February 17, 2012

Four Pieces, One Destiny.

I had painted them for the Christmas craft sale.

 For some reason,
I felt like these four pieces 
were ones I had put extra time and work into.
They were kind of special to me.

I was proud of the way they turned out.

 But, they hadn't sold.

They came back and I looked at them,
 wondered what I had done wrong.

It's always a bit of a let-down,
 a feeling of "perhaps I misjudged what was in style,"
 or what people were looking for,

or the pricing was off.

 Maybe I wasn't quite as good at this furniture thing
as I used to be.

I had to let it go.

I can't spend time whining mentally about what wasn't meant to be.

I'd done well otherwise

and God had even given me well above the goal I had prayed
and hoped for.
 The storage shed needed to be emptied so there would be room
for the snowblower.

 Craigslist was my next option.
Several emails came
in that first day.

I felt happy with such a response:


 But one made an appointment,
 whereas the others didn't follow through.

I met her on the porch.

It was a cold night.
She was pretty,
but her eyes looked a bit like they were hiding sadness.

She liked them,
and after I put her money inside the door,
I helped her load the pieces.

She was going through a hard time,
a hard divorce.

She was living with a roommate now,
she got the dog, he got the cat.
She missed the cat,
 didn't know how it had happened,
 she worked alot, long commute.
They didn't see each other much
and then it happened.

She had nothing in her new apartment,
except a bed.

My things were such a joy to her to find,
so cheerful and just her style,
the price so reasonable.

She was happy to have some pleasant things
in her new life.

As she drove away,
I said a prayer for her.

And I was glad my things hadn't sold before.

I wondered if they had been "reserved" for her.
Perhaps angels had reclined on the bookshelf
 and stood around the tables.

I don't know where all my pieces go when they sell.
They enter a world I cannot see.

But I was thankful for this encounter.
And I still occasionally say a prayer
for the girl who bought my four special pieces.

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  1. Again you have touched me deeply and simply.

  2. This happened with a piece of tattoo painted furniture I had done. It was my favorite piece. It just didn't sell. Finally I sold it at a garage sale to a little girl who looked very, very sick. She clapped her hands with delight when she saw the drawer was painted inside with pink polka dots. And I sold it to her for the three dollars she had in her pocket.

    this was a beautiful post.

    You have such a lovely heart.

    Those are the things i would have bought first, too. I loved when you first showed that table and little bookcase!

  3. I'm glad you went over the time. It was the rest of the story that held the delight!

  4. awwww sweet story. Love that. I too believe that some pieces are meant to go to certain people! We as re-creators just help bring them together. Keep up the good work :)

  5. Dang! Beautiful, beautiful work. The book case is my fave.

  6. Thanks for sharing such a poignant story. (I just love that bookshelf.)

  7. Those beautiful pieces were meant for are a sweetheart Tonya!

  8. this was wonderful. touched my heart and filled my eyes with tears. God bless that young woman as she starts again...

  9. beautiful story, beautiful work!

  10. Your blog sparks a fire in me every time I read it. To live better, do better, love better. Thank you for that.

  11. Another wonderful post Tonya!! I like the idea of the angels reclining on the bookshelf and standing around the table....(And loving that bookshelf....) Kind makes me feel all warm and fuzzy knowing that all those pieces are together somewhere....Happy Friday to you....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  12. I think they were reserved for her, absolutely. There's no other reason those wouldn't have been sold with the others.

    I love how the Lord works in our lives.


  13. It's such a beautiful and I'm so glad you shared it. The pieces are wonderful and I'm sure they are brightening her life.

  14. I look at my kitchen cabinets and wonder if I can paint them. I think about what you would do. I painted my bathroom cabinet today and thought about stenciling something on them. I thought about how you would just do it free hand. I really need you to come over here tomorrow.

  15. I love your furniture! I really loved that table! I am glad it was such a find for her. Don't doubt yourself. You are so talented!!! We can't please everyone.

  16. amen nice post...thanks for sharing your 5 minutes today..blessings

  17. I love that second table by the window - gorgeous. You do such wonderful work. sandie

  18. Wow - I just stumbled upon your post. Beautiful pieces AND beautiful words! You are putting good energy out into the universe. Keep up the good work. ~ robin


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