Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Tooth Fairy Salary.

Saturday morning, I awoke to a face in mine.

Violet's morning breath greeted me with the words,
"The tooth fairy forgot to come last night.
My tooth is still under my pillow."

"Oooooh." I groaned.
"I'm sorry.
I forgot.
I'll see if I can get her to come sometime today."

A disgruntled child headed down the stairs to have breakfast with her father.

Why didn't my brain seem to remember these things lately?

I still have two mouths full of teeth yet to go, too.

Rolling out of bed, I grabbed the tooth fairy's stash
and began rummaging.

But next week's grocery money was in big bills.
"This is my tenth tooth," I remembered her telling me last night,
tooth brush/tooth remover culprit 
in hand.
 "So since it's the tenth, do you think the tooth fairy will
leave me a ten dollar bill?" she grinned knowingly.

"That would be a 'no.' "
I responded.
"Your tooth fairy happens to be on a tight budget."

And so the next avenue of possible tooth money was ransacked,

 hoping this space was not kept on a tight watch by the chest-of-drawer's owner.

Feeling guilt about the oversight,
I headed up into the attic
to dig through one of the gift supply boxes
for a possible gift of apology.

Kippy looked like a good candidate,
 and the funds were prepared for delivery.

But what's this?

Well this is new.
I hope the CD is okay.

I'm not too sure I like doing these kinds of exchanges.

I think the tooth fairy isn't paid enough for this sort of thing.

After all, tooth fairies need a bit more than old teeth and empty CD containers to live on.

How about a trip somewhere,

or a pet horse,

or even a chicken house so she can have fresh eggs?

How about some nice chocolate Valentines
from the $1-bill-stolen-from-the-chest-of-drawers-owner;
or a sweet chocolate kiss
(silver foiled or natural accepted).


Oh, well.

Maybe whipping up his favorite meal will work for that one.

I guess this tooth fairy will have to settle for
a one-less-tooth kiss.

That'll work.


  1. You know how many times I have woken in the dead of night in a panic and realised I have forgotten the tooth fairy 'thing'.....

  2. Awwww...I've forgotten the tooth fairy dilemma! I need to write a story about that someday. Thank you for the smile this morning.

  3. so sweet. the cd case made me laugh!

  4. What a sweet post. I have forgotten the tooth fairy, many a times. Love the tooth in the cd case. Have a wonderful day!

  5. Two more full sets to go! You better go rob a bank - just kidding. Cute. sandie

  6. love it! You are so funny! Love the way you woke up--I had a very vivid picture. I almost smelled her breath! :) I vote chocolates! Can you tell I am trying to diet?

  7. Sorry Tonya, I was signed into Dan's email :) That was written by me:)

  8. Robin Matteson SiegfriedFebruary 8, 2012 at 6:34 PM

    When my husband goes out of town, he always gives me $100 for emergency money, all $20's! 2 years ago, my then 9 year old son lost a tooth, while my husband was out of town on business, and I didn't have any $1's or $5's just $20s!, and yes! my son got $20 from the tooth fairy!!, I was shocked! and so was he!!, what a time I had explaining that the tooth fairy usually isn't that GENEROUS!!, she must have forgot her eye-glasses that night, and couldn't see what she was giving!!

  9. I had a cousin who literally pulled out 4 teeth that weren't even loose because her tooth fairy was so generous.

  10. Always wondered what the Tooth Fairy looked like. Now I know! Cute picture!!!

  11. Haha! My wife also experienced the same scenario with our three-year old kid. The tooth fairy (my wife) forgot to leave something for our son when he lost a toof. Good thing my son was very patient and understanding. At the end of the day he still received a reward from his tooth fairy!

  12. Sweet post....I can't say I ever forgot the tooth fairy duties, but my son did end up with a $20 bill once too, as it was all the change the tooth fairy had. Made for a very bad precedent for the other teeth to come. And that cd case would have come in handy several times since the tooth fairy in these parts seemed to have a heck of a time finding the tooth on occasion.....Glad it worked out for Violet ~ And I agree, I think the tooth fairy is way underpaid.....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

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  14. Oh I have forgotten too many times...or remember in the middle f the night when all I have is quarters. Thankfully our tooth fairy only leave 1-2 dollars so that change doesn't jingle too much!

  15. Oh, my goodness - how the tooth fairy game gets me every time! Just today my son asked me if I knew where his tooth had gone. It seems he left it on his desk in a plastic bag - and now it's it wrong that I breathe a sigh of relief for the (albeit temporary) reprieve?

    I love the pictures that you used to tell the story - and cute idea to put the money with the kangaroo - I'm sure your dd won't mind the tooth fairy being late if she always pays like that :)

  16. Hehehe. I couldn't resist laughing as I read along. Yes, at times, I forget about the tooth fairy situation too. You did a good job with the stuffed animal, and the CD is the funniest thing!


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