Thursday, April 19, 2012

Little Surprises

Big adventures can come in small sizes...

After searching
and waiting
and praying
for years,

we finally came upon this on Craig's List.

Yes, it just LOOKS like a shed,
but it's a future chicken condo.

My husband has a bit of renovating to do,
installing the chandeliers, plush carpet, air conditioning, jacuzzi, 
(as well as the barbed wire, glass topped fencing to protect from the hungry outsiders),
and we'll be picking up the clucking future family.


The other little surprise
was the return of a family member.
 "Come see, Mommy!"

(Little people and their shadows are sweetness).

"Hurry up, Mommy,
come see what's in the barn!"

 "There she is, Mommy.
Do you see her?"

 "Misty came home!"

Welcome home, Misty!

The last of the little things arrived yesterday:

Let the planting begin!

Have you had any fun little surprises in your week?

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  1. Not yet, but I'm keeping my eyes open!


  2. Hi Tonyam your friend Tammy suggested to me some time ago that you might be interested in being featured on my blog. I have a new series, named "fame on fridays", where I feature one of my readers each week. If you are interested, I would love to have you! Here is the link, and you can contact me through the info there.
    Leanne @ Because (I think) I Can

  3. ...I just reread my comment, sorry I called you Tonyam! I don't know where the 'am' came from!!



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