Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Garden Tour Link Party

Did you have dreams when you were little
about what life would be like when you were grown?
The first spring after our October wedding,
I realized I had one dream that I hadn't known was even there.

With the first awakening of warmer days,
I pulled out the vase from high up in the cupboard where I had placed it
and went out to find something to put into it.

I'd dreamed of having flowers on my supper table.

But I didn't find any around our yard.

That began my quest to learn about gardens.

Since then, I have found great enjoyment in gardening.

Today I wanted to show you my front sunny flower bed.

There were no flower beds at our farm when we bought it eight years ago,
so slowly,

we've added a few...

and then added onto them.

We extended the old sidewalks with the use of old bricks.

This has become the bee-humming view from the porch swing.
My husband extended this sidewalk with a flat stone walkway.

My daughter Violet helped me out by videoing me in the garden.
I think she did a pretty good job for her first time filming!

Here it is:

The video is a bit grainy,
so here are some pictures of some of the plants
that were discussed.

Hardy Geranium Ann Folkard

(Here's another of my favorite hardy geraniums:
Brookside Geranium.)

Growing amid the blue geraniums is a favorite echinacea
Double Delight.

Along with the Spirea in the video,
there is a multi-colored flowering type called Peppermint Stick
that boasts flowers of different shades of pinks to white.

Pink Princess spirea is a low-mounding variety...

with spring-blooming light pink flowers.

 Gold Flame Spirea emerges in spring with fiery yellow and orange leaves.

It's flowers are pretty vibrant, too,
and it turns fiery again in the fall.

I mentioned salvias:

this is the Purple Rain Salvia.

And, I believe this is Blue Hill Salvia,

I love how the dwarf golden rheingold everygreen
touches off the salvia with its complementary yellow color.

Here is the stunning variegated phlox.

I love this shade of Iris that was the bloom color of the iris group I mentioned.

This striking daylily is one that is blooming right now.

I didn't edit the color on any of these pictures,
and this one makes that hard to believe.

The Worchester Gold Bluebeard shrub...
sits behind some variegated sedum.

This main central garden was started because the maple tree that stood here when we bought the
farm was rotted and full of ants,
so we had to cut it down.

The garden was put in around the stump.

Gardening is a matter of planning,
and waiting.


After all, time began in a garden.

I am thankful for the great beauty and fun God gives through gardening.

Now I am looking forward to seeing all the fun gardens you have to link up.

Please, if you have a fun garden or park to share,
 join in the fun!

I will be giving away the decorative wooden set and a clay bird that I made.
(The pieces on the left are not waxed;
the piece on the right is.
You can let me know if you have a preference if you win).

so leave a comment letting me know if you'd like a chance to win them.
(Giveaway ends Wednesday, June 27)

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Next week's Wednesday Link Party will be:
"All Around the House".
I'd love to see what you are spending your days doing at your house.


  1. I love your gardens! Thank you for the video and all the names. I can benefit from that since I bought most of my plants at your sale;) I love your sale! You did really good and being able to continually talk through the video. Good job "V" on filming! I love your wooden sets!

  2. The colors are brilliant and beautifully placed. Now I want to get a "double delight echinacea". Gardening is so rewarding. We get to play in dirt and watch the beuty of God's creation do it's part. I always love walking around your yard and gardens. And seeing what display will be in a vase on your kitchen table. Love this "garden link". Been looking forward to it.

  3. Your gardens are beautiful Tonya!!!

  4. Just fabulous! As a gardener myself I appreciate the work that goes into all your gorgeous flower beds!

  5. Such a great blog. I just started my first little garden. I am trying ot keep it alive. I'll have to stop by here to learn more !

  6. you must have the happiest bees in the county :)

  7. wow!! you're garden is gorgeous!!!! i am so envious :) yes i'd like to be entered in the giveaway- maybe some of your green thumb will rub off on me!

  8. I really like the variagated phlox...first time I have seen it. All your hard work really shows! Beautiful! The wooden sets are charming!

  9. Hi! Thanks for visiting my Blog. I had to come over for a visit and I am in awe of your garden. It truly is a gift. Absolutely beautiful!!!!

  10. Love your gardens. Ours is a continual work in progress. We are "in town dwellers" and trying to plant more veggies. So.. I have planted many in my flower gardens. Green is green. lol


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