Thursday, July 19, 2012

Almost Trashed.

I find them everywhere.

They don't belong on the floor.  They are important to some cardboard landscape in one of our cupboards.

  I pick one up, annoyed at having this re-occurring problem.  I feel determined as I stomp to the trash can, lift the lid,...

but then just stare at the piece.

I can't do it.  Something inside of me won't let me throw it away.  Without it, the whole grouping will be incomplete.  That one solitary piece makes an impact on the whole thing.

Like people.

Like circumstances.

Like life.

I often wonder what it will be like to get to heaven.  Some imagine it as starchy whiteness with mindless wandering about humming in monk-like fashion.  But I don't.

God created so much in this life of beauty, color, taste, texture: multiplied amazement regarding our senses.  He created feelings,  the ability to think,  satisfaction in hard work, pleasure in achieving, and even the fine art of humor.  Even Adam and Eve had jobs and organized priorities in the Garden of Eden.

Beyond even that, I find myself wondering what it will be like to see all of the pieces.  There are secrets in life, untold moments and measures that shape and make large parts of who we are.  There are private words uttered and received, painful passes and bumps with bitterness; personal stories from friends to friends that will never be uttered, memories too sweet and treasured for anybody else to ever appreciate.  The unknown fabrics that God places or allows into our lives.

They are my pieces.

And you have yours.

And she has hers.

And he has his.

Someday, we may be allowed to see all the pieces and understand more clearly why things were the way they were.  We'll see why people did things as they did and the private sacrifices and tears that were unknown.  We'll find out the strengths that we never knew were holding us up, the prayers spoken by friends we never thought about, the love that God bathed us with in times where defeat would have swallowed us up.

Every piece to a puzzle is essential.  I must remember not to analyze or rate anything by the one piece that I am pertinent to, by my limited vision of my little world.

There is so much more beyond me.

And so the puzzle piece gets set on the counter for a few days til it makes it into the cupboard...

hoping that it, along with the 5 others it has joined on that shelf, will someday be replaced to their rightful place in the world.

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  1. such a lovely post! i am so looking forward to the day when all our questions will be answered ... when we will understand why things had to be the way they had to be, and just how the pieces of the puzzle of my life fit together!

    i love to daydream about Heaven, and how wonderful and beautiful it will be!

    which reminds me ... it's time to go read my Bible this morning! :)

  2. It's a good analogy and interesting to think about...


  3. This is so well-written. Thank you for sharing it.


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