Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Life is Ruff.

My first baby came to us four months after we were married.
He was our Valentine gift to each other.
His soft fur and white paws were sweet,
but it was his gentle eyes that made me know
he would be our first addition to the family.

He's been my constant shadow
my guardian who made me feel especially safe on the late nights
when my farmer worked on a farm full time.

He's my silent (well, for the most part) companion.

He's had to go through adjusting to three wailing babies
who came rather suddenly to change his life radically.

He's put up with a lot,
poor fellow.

Still does.

How do I know?

They wipe him out,
those kids.

I know how much he loves the yolks from my eggs
and that's fine by me.

But certainly they could spare him some energy.



You have a treat there, puppy."

"Oh, and by the way,
I have decided that you need to save up your strength
because you have to live here with me forever,



  1. What a funny photo of him with those yolks on either side of his nose.


  2. Oh, so sweet! Such a cutie!


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