Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Place for Purple...Paint and Stains.

Red beet juice spattered in random places is telling.
The canner's pressure gauge is jiggling.

Green bean trimmings fill the compost bucket
and hot jars stand waiting for the snap of the lid to secure them
for winter's wait.

Blueberries and wineberries have made their marks
on a floor that stands needy for a very good cleaning.

Three baby chicks have had their first meals of blueberries
snatched from bushes by children
who have snacked on well more of their fair share.

Spoiled peeps.

You will be presented with more berries than I get myself,
I don't doubt.

I suppose it's to be expected when you hatch from an egg
looking that irresistibly cute.

I won't be so forgiving if you ever wander into my flower beds though.
You just remember that.

My computer lost something of it's memory this past week
and had to go into the shop til it could be found.

I think I may have to go into the shop soon for the same condition.

The Economy Store had a sale on furniture this week,
so Violet and I decided these pieces would work for the toys in her room.

(Note: Bob is a very cheerful friend to do my painting on,
a blanket that has had too many uses to be worthy of mention;
and the child in the background thinks that any textile piece placed on the floor
is meant solely for her lying pleasure).

Of course,
I obliged Violet's purple passion.

I will be happy when the floor paint comes in.

(I may need to be reminded of that sentence
when it does come in,
and I have to move all the furniture out of my way.)

this transformation we've been working on in her room has given her a new love of her room.

What's that saying?

"A place for everything and everything in it's place."

 It has been nice to see her floor again.

Now if I could just make through the berry and beet stains on mine.

Homespun Happenings


  1. I just love your style of writing, strands of thoughts, and those purple bits of furniture are perfect.

  2. Awe, Babies Babies everywhere! Violets room is coming together! Great finds!

    1. Thanks, Tammy. We were happy with how well the pieces fit in her room!

  3. Loved these random thoughts, drawn together in a word bouquet.



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