Friday, August 31, 2012


 he sounded out the word,
 making the soft sound on the g in "gen".

I could see his fingers gripping the large book,
and that's all of him I could see.

"Oxygen," I helped.
"It is what we breathe."

Without meaning to, I inhaled and thought about the oxygen that filled my lungs,
that gave me another moment of life
watching my son discover his
granted by the will of God.

The moments with him, the things he loves, the person he is,
and he keeps changing and reaching zealously to know more.

He sat there reading, and I almost couldn't believe he'd come this far
with the little help and guidance I'd given him.


His nine year old sister has taught him more about letters and sounds than I have,

and here he sat reading a book about bones and muscles,
 because it interested him so much:
he was determined to read those words about those pictures.

"Why can't babies walk, Mom?"
his question interrupted my thinking.

I explained to him about cartilage, tweaked his ear, and pointed to the pictures.

His eyes smiled and I wondered how much he was understanding,
likely much more than I give him credit for:

this little man entering a looming world of adventure
and questions.

And suddenly, as I looked at him, I smiled,

because I just couldn't help it.

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  1. Beautiful. They change so quickly, don't they?

  2. I loved this...both the words and the subtlety of the images that just hint at a child's curiosity. Lovely!

  3. some of my favorite moments ever... when printed words take on meaning and they embrace the struggle to learn!

    wonderful use of your photos, too... aren't aquariums the most marvelous of places?


    1. Yes, I think my son would have chose to live in the aquarium, if he could. And I agree: it is so fun to watch them catch on to reading and understanding.

  4. What a wonderful picture of your family. You've said more in this little essay than you might have if you had set about explaining who you all are. Beautiful.

    1. Well, thank you. What a sweet thing to say!!

  5. Really nice post :) the combination of words and pictures make it really deep and wonderful :)

    1. Thank you. Taking pictures at the aquarium was challenging, but very rewarding.

  6. It is so rewarding when they learn. That is neat that he is so interested to want to read about it.

    1. Yes, it is fun to see how much better his brain clicks this year than last. :)

  7. I love it when they are loving to learn. I remember being super interested in the human body too at his age...

    Really cool.


    1. Thank you. The body is such fun to learn about. Makes me want to pass-out if it gets cut and there is blood to deal with, but it is an amazing thing to study! :)

  8. While I read this, I heard the song "Love is Like Oxygen" in my mind.

    Isn't that the truth.

    The love your knowledge you share with your family is so awesome.

    I always love visiting your outstanding posts.

    You are really a neat person!

    Thanks for linking.



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