Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Simple Hairbows to Pretty Them Up.

My daughters have heads full of a lot of hair,
thick rope hair,

The little barrettes with bows just don't work
in their voluminous masses.

Bumping into a REALLY good sale at A.C.Moore a few months back,
I got some super fun ribbon for a super great deal.

I bought some hair bands that work in my girls' hair
and determined to come up with something to please them
so I wouldn't have to look at two Pippy-Long-Stockings anymore.

Here is what I came up with:

I measured out three pieces of ribbon:
2 different pieces that were 16" each
and 1 piece that was 8".

I fed the 8" piece through the hair band...

and tied it once.
(This piece is just to add a bit of filler to the bow)

Next I slid the two longer pieces together through the hair band,
and prepared to tie work them together over the knot of the first piece by doing this:

I made a loop with one side of the two strings...

and a loop with the other side of the two pieces.

I tied these two loops together
(wrapped them around each other),
making a bow.

 After I had tightened
and straightened,
and got the look I wanted,

I trimmed the excess ribbon,
which wasn't much.

 To secure the bow,
I glued the center fairly well with some stitchless glue.

To keep the ribbon from fraying
(it's important to be sure your ribbon is synthetic for this to work),
I used the flame from a candle and carefully melted the ends.

 (Why is it that little boys suddenly become interested in crafts when a match is lit?).

I made a lot of extra of these to sell at the Christmas craft sales.

 Yes, I start thinking about Christmas in the heat of summer...

a very therapeutic way of keeping sane
when I feel like I am melting.

Yes, I took a lot of pictures.
But the colors...

they were such fun to photograph.

My girls were very happy to have some nice hair bows...

and I thought they would be good for testing how durable the bow bands are:
(that pink one even made it through getting ripped out of her hair by the puppy
and rushed away under a bush.)

But it was rescued, washed,
and replanted...


  1. Such pretty hair bows for such beautiful girls!!!

  2. What a cute and easy idea!


  3. Those bows are so cute and colorful. How smart of you to figure out a way to make something they can use. (I also love the comment about boys and fire. hehehe)

  4. What a great idea. The bows are really cute and your girls are even more cute!


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