Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Restyled Cart on Wheels and Speedy Brownies: Sweet!

The hurricane is headed straight at us,
so we've been preparing as it approaches.
We're all praying the damage will be minimal.
It will be sad to see all the beautiful fall colors fly away...

so I took some of it with me.

Has any of you ever dried bittersweet?
I let it dry a bit and then sprayed some varnish on the berries.
I read that's how to keep it...
we'll see.

I am sorry I haven't posted the last 2 days or so.
Our internet connection has been fickle.
We live on the edge of the DSL line,
so it happens sometimes.
Most annoying.

But I've been able to get lots more done for the upcoming Christmas sales.

This cart was an ugly gray metal base with chipping yellowish polyerthane top.

This picture is part-way through the job when I remembered to take a picture.

At this point,
I had sanded the top and base-coated the base with Annie Sloan's Arles Chalk Paint.
I then stained the top with Red Oak stain
and put a top coat on of Master Gel.

It looked like it needed more to pretty it up,
so I headed to the Graphics Fairy.

I enlarged and printed up this graphic:

I rubbed regular white chalk on the back of the image,...

taped it down,
and traced over the image.

When I finished and pulled it up,
the image was on the top of the cart.

(In the section where there was wording,
I just added some scrollwork).

Because I had already used a sealer on the wood,
I used some Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Paris Gray to paint over the chalk tracing.

When dried, I used some brown wax to cover the entire surface of the top.

I also painted a coat of Bayberry Green Milk Paint over the Arles Yellow metal base.

The milk paint became chipped as it dried, but I liked the look
and used the brown wax on it as well.

 The sides of the cart come down or up,
which makes it a useful little piece.

I have a feeling if this cart doesn't sell,
I may have to switch it out with something I have in my house.

I love carts with wheels.

As promised,
I will also leave you with a recipe.

A friend gave me this one when I gave birth to my first baby.

They are the tastiest brownies and the chocolate chips on top
make them a chocolate lovers delight.

I always seem to have help when I decided to make this recipe.

but I prefer the end result of brownies!

I always think of Angie when I make these because it was fun to have a new baby
and brownies, too...
what a sweet memory!

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  1. The cart looks great and I'll bet it will sell in a flash. I have that brownie recipe, and because it came from my sister and she had boys, we always called them Auntie's Brownies for Boys.

  2. The cart is amazing and you make it sound so easy I think even I could do it!!

  3. Wonderful, as always.

    Hope the storm doesn't do you any damage!


  4. I love the cart! I think it will sell. The lady that buys my spice cabinet would probably love this cart! bittersweet looks so lovely too! Thank you so much for linking this up to Rustic Restorations Weekend!


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