Tuesday, October 16, 2012

One of the Healthiest Foods on Earth: What is it?

What is one of the healthiest foods on the planet?
It provides protein of the highest quality
as well as every know vitamin and mineral
except for vitamin C?
(from David W. Roland's Health Naturally)

Is it a pumpkin that has been
vehemently decorated by a puppy?


Although pumpkins do have their fair share of health benefits
(not necessarily as a dog chew toy, however)

It's the incredible, edible.

I was hoping by this time to use our own eggs for these pictures,
but our chickens are not cooperating yet.

I found the rooster in the hen house this evening
 when I went in to feed them a devastated pumpkin rind.

I am not sure what he is thinking, hanging out in there,
but being the sole male amongst 6 hens,
maybe he was just hiding out by himself for a while.

Anyhow, I could go on and on about the wonderful traits of the egg,
 but I'd rather just get to the recipe
and know that the egg is a powerful little orb.

Did you know how you tell a fresh egg from an older egg?

If it sinks, it's a keeper;
if it floats, toss it away.

Older eggs (not floaters, but just not fresh) are better to use for hard-boiling:
they peel easier when they aren't fresh.

Another way to help them peel easier
is to cook them, and then rush them into some cold water.

They will peel easily then.

Also, if you have fresh eggs available,
if they are not washed off, they will last longer.
They have a protective coating on them that somewhat preserves them.

There are thousands of egg recipes,
but since I am blogging about side dishes/appetizers this week,
a favorite of ours is...

Deviled eggs.

The recipe I use is just a simple one from
Better Homes Cookbook.

It's egg-cellent.

(Sorry, I just couldn't resist).

Do you have any egg tips
or favorite egg recipes?

See my other recipes from my 31 days of October posts.

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  1. Thanks for the egg info!

    (Those deviled eggs look delish!)


  2. Here's a pie with 7 eggs in it - perfect for dessert or breakfast!


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