Monday, October 1, 2012

The Prince in our Bathroom and a Challenge.

*"Open the door, my princess dear,
Open the door to thy true love here!
And mind the words that thou and I said
By the fountain cool in the greenwood shade."

Who said it?

Here's a hint:

"As soon as the young princess saw her ball,
 she ran to pick it up, 
and was so overjoyed to have it in her hand again,
 that she never thought of the frog, 
but ran home with it as fast as she could."

Something about this frog vase made me bring him home with me
some years ago from a second-hand shop.
His grumpy candor made me smile.

This blue frog...

catches the spare change my children find;
but eventually,
he goes hungry again,
usually before I can get anything from him.

And this guy:
I don't usually buy mass produced things,
but this one belonged with the others in our half bathroom.

The kids use a bench to reach the sink,
and it was time to do something with it.

Here are the steps to what I did.

(The simple frog "step-by-step drawing instructions" page is from the Graphics Fairy).

I added stripes underneath the bench with,
it is a bit ironic:
Frog tape.

(I entered the frog tape contest a few months back,
although I did not win,
I was sent a complimentary bag, t-shirt, and these two generous-sized containers of 
Frog Tape,
a considerate gesture, I thought).

 Also, I sanded my image after it had thoroughly dried
and then lightly stained it with a touch of brown wax to give it a rough, worn look.

Now, if I can just get everybody to read
and follow the instructions...


I will posting my favorite/family recipes for the next 31 days.

It is something I have been wanting to do:
to share
and to have in a safe place.

I will be posting soups, easy main meals, canning recipes, crock pot recipes,
side items, and,
of course,
favorite desserts.

To join other bloggers posting for 31 days,
see the group <HERE.>
Thank you to the Nester at Nesting Place for encouraging the challenge.

*source: "The Frog Prince" by the Grimm brothers; English translation by Edgar Taylor

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  1. Your frog stool looks great! What a neat idea. I bet kids love stepping on that stool to wash their hands. :)

    I am joining up with The Nester, too! My topic is Decadent Desserts. Every Friday I'll have a link-up where others can share their dessert recipes.

    1. Thanks so much for stopping in! I will certainly be by your blog!! What a great topic...desserts are my weakness. :) Nice to meet you, Kati!

  2. Very clever and Prince Charming...your Frog post! I'm visiting from 31 Days, and stopped in to say Hello from Texas. How nice to be greeted by one of my favorite things to collect...although most of mine are outdoors and used as planters. I bet your Little Tadpoles will be Hopping Right Up to Wash Up.

    My topic is 31 Days of Collecting and Day#1 Post is about Sewing. I think you will enjoy it, and I have a gift for you there. I am posting your 31 Day Link on my Sidebar so I can come back for all your 31 Days of Recipes..I'm looking forward to Pumpkin Pie. Happy Fall Ya'll...Sue from CollectInTexas Gal

    1. Oh, how nice that you collect frogs, too. They are so sweet and quirky, aren't they? Loved your comment. Thanks for taking the time. I will be by to see your blog...I have lots of sewing projects on my back porch waiting to be finished right now. I look forward to see yours!!

  3. Your bathroom looks great! I like the wall paper. That is so cute and fun! I like your new header too!

    1. Thanks, Tammy. I need to finish painting the trim in the's been waiting half done for a few too many weeks. Then I can post the results with the wall paper. My dad had fun hanging it. :S


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