Saturday, October 6, 2012

Zuchini Relish, Fall Wreaths, Surprise in my Kitchen.

The hydrangea blooms have dried.


I spray painted some with a touch of white
and left the others as they were
and used them in the wreath over my mantel
that I showed the other day.
Did you notice the hydrangea in the wreath?

I used yarn puffs for filler.



 Cut the loops and trimmed.
I then tied them into the wreath
and then glue-gunned the hydrangeas with just a dot of glue.

 Others of the hydrangea were spay-painted yellow
and then half of them were also misted with a bit of red.

I used a bit of old material for filler
and some bits of dried grasses.
The grape vine wreaths were the ones I made in the spring.

I used just a drop of glue gun to hold the flowers onto the material.

 Some hydrangeas look so colorful naturally,
they don't need any sprayed on color...

 like these in the bathroom,
under the picture of Violet.

Speaking of Violet,
she took in the laundry for me, folded it, and put it away,
just to surprise me.

What a sweet surprise!

(I could guess something was going on when I saw how many towels
were suddenly hanging on the stove.

I am thinking that she wasn't sure where they went.)

Finally, for my 31 days of blogging my favorite recipes,

I will leave this recipe for zucchini relish.
It comes from my husband's aunt Jean,
and it is FANTASTIC!

Not only do I use it on hot dogs,
sometimes I add a touch to my deviled eggs,
I love it in tuna,
and it mixes great with mayonnaise to make a good tartar sauce.

I hope you are having a pleasant weekend.

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  1. I love your wreaths!! Love Hydrangeas! Your outside door looks wonderfully decorated for fall!


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