Sunday, November 25, 2012

Pieces of Thanksgiving Pie.

Thanksgiving came and went
and I pieced together some of those moments
that keep well in the storehouse of memory's treasures:

Peaceful, sweet, enjoyable conversation while waiting for supper
(O bliss!);

The fading of the fall still tinged by summer backed by promises of warmth in the winter;

 The magic of aging gracefully;

 The elegance of preparation's fine details...

to be enjoyed with others in remembrance of all that God has given;

A peaceful walk with a full belly...

to the quiet of a barn;


The thrill of life mirrored in the brightness of eyes;

 Memories pulled from a box in the attic...

hung by little hands...

to pass on those memories to them;

I want to tape up the packages in the coming days
with the wrappings of gratitude,
release the care so that these moments really count:
a gift to both the giver and to the receiver
because that is the reality of the wealth that is


  1. Very nice photos Tonya, I love the one above the words "the magic of aging gracefully" and all the tree shots with the kids are fantastic!!

  2. Lovely!

    And btw, I have those "corn" candles!



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