Saturday, January 5, 2013

Candy Memories that are Extra Sweet.

Christmas time could certainly be called a sweet time of year.

'Sweet' can be referring to the foods that seem to be linked to Christmas,
but even more sweet are the memories made.

 One of my father's brothers has never gotten married.
He says he's still praying for the right one.

I have to admit, I think my sisters and I,
and all of the cousins that are on my dad's side
are secretly, selfishly glad he never did.

Of course, we'd love to see him meet the right girl,
but he loves life so much, it's always a delight to be with him.

Just say, "Uncle is here,"
and there is a mad, screaming dash from all parts of the house,
racing to be the first to greet him.

He's always just a phone call away,
 and he'll somehow manage to hop in his car
and drop in for a visit for a few hours.

We call him the kid magnet.

I have so many memories with Uncle,
and nearly every one of them brings back a smile mingled with laughter.

He has never lost his sense of fun and adventure,
patience and compassion.

So when I had some gingerbread houses that needed to be built,
Uncle was the obvious choice for the engineer.


 His house was built and well on it's way to being a great edible centerpiece...

 while my attempt at putting my house together
ended up relocating to his side of the table for help.

Mark it down:
I cannot build houses.

 Uncle's house, carefully decorated by the little crew,
was a sweet success.


Isn't it funny how looking at a picture can bring with it
the sound of the laughter that went with it,
the suggestions and jokes and merry moments.

 Well, for the most part, they were happy memories.

 Still, even if one was a dismal failure...


there is always a good that can come of learning from it...

especially if the clean-up crew is happy to do the job.


  1. all tastes good, dont tell me you have 'tiny bunnies' over there, in Australia, we have 'Tiny Teddies'....but I love bunnies, and those little biscuits caught my eye straight away!!!!!

  2. Robin Matteson SiegfriedJanuary 5, 2013 at 9:03 AM

    Love your sweet little gingerbread houses!, and they were made from the heart!, and with love!!,and tell Uncle Al, not to give up on finding the right person for him!!, my SIL is 40, and she got married to a man 18 years older than her!, and he was never married!, her husband got married at 57, and he's almost 59, and they've been married almost 2 years!, and he became a first time Father 5 months ago!, so sometimes it takes longer!, but if God wants Al to find the right partner, it will be in his time!, and besides, since Al is super fun, and awesome, imagine your future Aunt, she's going to have to be the same!, double the fun!!, she's out there!, being prepared for you all! haha!

  3. What a fun project, and we all should have an uncle like that!

    My second son has yet to be married (at 32), and he is a favorite uncle as well. I think he puts all that fathering energy into the nieces and nephews. And boy, do they appreciate it!


  4. OH! The snowman post! Yay! They did turn out and Mr. Alex did a fabulous job. You'll have to tell him a hello from the Davis family for me. My mom taught good news club with a few other people at his place a long time ago.

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  6. That is so sweet! The good thing about that sort of a construction project is that the clean up crew is every bit as engaged and has just as much pleasure as the construction crew.

  7. What beautiful pictures of the process of building a gingerbread house! I'm glad that your relationship to your brother is good; it sounds like a great time was had by all.

  8. What fun!

    Exactly my kind of home improvement project where I can nibble on my mistakes!

    Happy New Year!


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