Friday, October 11, 2013



Cereal bowls grouped on the table,
 crumbs on the floor,
coffee brewing,
morning voices
mixed with left-over dreaming breath
being washed away by breakfast.

Relaxing chairs in the living room
soft, comfortable, well-sat in,

a book temporarily abandoned on the loveseat,

cushions worn from children's resting heads and not-always-clean fingers.

A dog bowl on the floor, half full of water
that looks like it needs to be freshened.

little ones on hard wood floor,
bigger ones running around the yard,
tired heavy ones in the evening coming home from work,
tip-toeing ones that carry whispers after the kids are snoring.

It's all about the kitchen.

Christmas ones and chocolate chip cookies,
birthday meals,
blueberry pancakes,
fried eggs and scrapple,
pizza on busy nights,
home-made ice cream with raspberries picked by little and big hands together.

Dogs barking.

Children's games,
children's movies,
children's books,
children's toys,
children's laughter.

Holding hands to pray over supper.
Little prayers
that copy older and bigger ones.

Goodnight kisses and hugs,
tucked into cloudy quilts and 
welcoming pillows
that offer sweet dreams
fit to entertain hopes for tomorrow.


 Life is too valuable to accept ordinary
so let's make it not.

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  1. Stopping by from FMF. I love this word-picture of your home and the family around you. And yet, all such "ordinary" moments in life are what make life valuable and memorable, so cherish even the mundane for in it we see God's blessings and grace.

  2. Just stopping by from Five Minute Friday. Beautiful photos of your home and family! It is these ordinary day by day moments that bring value, worth and joy in our lives... Many blessings to you and your family!!!

  3. Your "ordinary" makes me smile. I love all of it. Blessings!

  4. New follower visiting from One Big Truth!

  5. I love it! Will be thinking about this as I "make my ordinary my passion. " Thanks for sharing!

  6. Oh, this is wonderful. A beautiful and meaningful list of life, full, abundant life. I didn't see any ordinary here. I loved it!

  7. i just love this! so touching. thank you so much for linking up!


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