Monday, October 21, 2013


"How do you know?"

It is a question she asks a lot lately.
We had several of these discussions in the summer when school was out and our schedule seemed more freed up for casual talk.

She asked it sincerely.

Where did I acquire the knowledge and how do I know it is right?

I am, after all, one in billions.
Answers come, but they always seem shortened.
How do I wrap up 40 years of life experiences, lessons learned, knowledge gained, prayers answered, forgiveness felt, books read...
and give an answer in just a few sentences?

It is the plight of parenthood, I presume.

So I give her a few tidbits,
praying they will be enough until another time.

I worry that overfeeding can do more damage if she isn't inclined to come back to talk.

"Give me your wisdom, Lord.
Guide my mouth and give me the words that she needs to hear."


When I opened the box of school books we would be using that first week of school back in September and rummaged through them,
my eyes fall on the lesson plans for the first weeks.
I see the questions she asked, 
and that we will be learning all about them.

The information there is much more than what I gave,
and from a different perspective.

I give thanks that God sees and hears when hearts seek Him,
little and big.

 I am thankful that His ability to give answers is far greater than mine.

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  1. Such an undertaking to homeschool your children. I can't imagine doing it, but I admire your dedication to giving them what they need and trusting the Lord to help you.



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