Friday, November 15, 2013

Simple Genius

They have natural disposable wrappers.

They don't require batteries.

They don't need to be washed or even swept up and cleaned.

In their bounty, they hide fingerprints and random pickings and tears from curious fingers,
as well as from hungry creatures that crawl and fly.

They change forms and colors all throughout their growing season.

They don't cringe because that they aren't the same as the tree next to them,
don't need to grow as tall, have the same shaped leaves.

They each diligently bear different fruit,
various colors and shapes of flowers.


Their leaves soak up the sun for food,
reflect the skies in each raindrop.

 When the days grow shorter and cold,
they prepare for winter,
not with sudden wilting and somber hues,
but with a final hurrah,
a thankful praising with boldness;

 a final display of beauty before they drift away to sleep.

 Each speciment, distinct in it's praise of the Creator
who took the time to fashion so many different reflections of His beauty.

Their accolade floating to the ground and disappeaing into a nutritional blessing for the soil below.

The tree unfurls with each day, 
every moment and season shares
a gift:
a beautiful life.

I want to be like a tree.

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  1. Such gorgeous pictures, Tonya! These trees remind me of my dad, who passed away 2 years ago (tomorrow). He loved nature and would be so enamored with these beautiful trees you captured. Thank you for sharing.

  2. The world is certainly an amazing place! Just beautiful!


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