Friday, December 6, 2013

A Reflection of Love in Buttons.

As my breakfast plate sat in front of me,
the verses from Romans 13 tumbled off the page:

Such a simple thought,
but with it's incredible power it falls on my heart.

The fulfilling of the law...

I snatch up the dish and set it in the sink as I hear their voices from the other room.

The church clothes that had been ironed and placed on the couch were in his hands.
I could hear her voice.

"Come on, Levi.  You need to hurry and get dressed."
My four-year-old stood inches below him, her Sunday dress on but her hair still needing to be brushed.

"We'll be late, Levi...  Oh, let me do it."

Her little fingers pushed his aside.

"Let me help you."

He stood there, willingly letting her help him,
even though her fingers were no swifter than his own.
She wanted to help, he wanted to let her.

Their simple measures of love, the sweetness of sacrfice:
wanting to help and working toward that,
wanting to be kind and letting her try;
the reflection of love in both of their faces.

Sometimes, the greatest sermons can be preached by the simple acts of the smallest folk.

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  1. Oh, I totally agree. Children can be such the embodiment of unadulterated love. Beautiful reflection.

  2. Love the little lessons that come to us at the most unexpected of times. beautiful!

  3. That was lovely. The children are watching, listening and learning - always.

  4. What a sweet moment. I love that.



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