Saturday, May 17, 2014

Mini Miracle on the Shelf.

It came in a game box...

at the Good Will.

 Not only does it have dinosaurs,
but it has tar pits for conquered pieces
and volcanic mountains and ledges for the "king" pieces to sit on.

Somewhere in the back of my mind,
I know that God knows his favorite games,
his favorite creatures,
his hard work he had done to earn the reward of getting to choose one thing from the charity store
for all those plants he had helped me pot up and move in the yard.

I know all this in my mind,
but in the busyness of life, 
I forget that God would care about those details.
I could almost imagine God arranging the circumstances of that game being packed up in some home where it was no longer wanted,
the mother clearing out to make more room.
I can see it being driven to the store amid a pile of other board games, 
an old soccer ball lamp,
some t-shirts and sweatshirts that had suddenly grown too small.

I can see it in my mind being carried in by the workers and piled into a bin where it would sit for a few hours, or maybe days.
Finally, it would get a price and be rolled out into the store,
set on the shelf.

Perhaps an angel had kept an eye on it,
making sure no other curious little fingers might thwart its chosen destination.

 "They are actually allosaurus dinosaurs, not T-rex dinosaurs, Mom,
because they have three fingers."

I sometimes wonder if God and His angels watch from heaven at these little amazing gifts
and smile in anticipation...

a happy boy,
an amazed mom.

Somehow, I think the Good Will might be God's place of mini miracles...

or at least 
maybe it is the mini-miracle market
for the thrifty.

The game brings a smile to his face as he hops over a not-so-well-thought-out move of my dinosaur,
and he sloshes him into his tar pit.

 I am thankful
and hope that my bags of cast-offs might make mini-miracles for others as well.

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  1. I have always loved the Goodwill, and it saved my life when my kids were young and times were tough.



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