Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It's About the Boots...

Breezy days of fall have come.

Saturday was great.  My farmer needed some work shoes exchanged so I headed to town with the girls, my two daughters.  There's something to be said about shopping with just females, even if our usual male accompaniment is only 3 years old.  Maybe it was the weather or the scenery with golden fields of corn waiting to be cut; the atmosphere in our vehicle was one of enjoyment to it's fullest.

Or, maybe it was because we were headed to one of our favorite stores to return the wrong shoes.  Violet and I share a love: shopping.  We do live on a budget in our house, but vacation is coming up which warrants a few new things, don't you think?

We were in the shoe department already to exchange the unwanted shoes for a better size when...
low and behold, there were rows and rows of women's shoes and there in the front were women's boots on sale.  I can usually resist a sale, but BOOTS!  My own beloveds are getting well-worn beyond even the second hand store wanting them.  Hey, who am I kidding, that's where one of the pairs came from.  Boots are the main staple of my wardrobe come winter.  Barefoot and boots are basically my life.  Sneakers? 

What was that? 
Did you sneeze? 
Oh... "sneakers." 
For running?  What's that?

Anyhow, these boots were scarcely over the single digits when it comes to dollar bills.  IRRESISTIBLE!!!

I liked these. Nope, I LOVED these.
LOVED them.

...and these were Violet's choice.  I liked them.  $9.99.  I like cowboy boots pretty generally if they don't cut the circulation off in my toes.  Violet LOVED these.  She said I should get these.  She insisted I get these.  Those others were boring.  Everybody has those. 
Do you have those?
You're everybody aren't you?

This is Violet.  Notice the way she looks.
Yes, her garb speaks volumes, but I'm talking about her expression.
This is what I deal with when I want boots and she likes boots.
It doesn't matter who is wearing the boots in this case.

Violet's boots.  The "boring" ones that I got for her.
Black, boyish, boring.
(As you can see, they still get worn because I get pretty stubborn sometimes, too.)

I did a little bit better getting these for her.  Yes, definitely better.

Now these ditties, these caused much begging, silent pleading, and all manner of manipulative eye sorrows. 

My mom got the expression from Violet that I mentioned earlier when she pointed out that maybe the heels were too high for a little girl....
which brought me back to my childhood, and the hideous, I mean the practical shoes I was so graciously given. 


This is a bouquet Violet left on the table the other day.  She's always leaving me the most beautiful bouquets, because that's what kind of cookie she is.  And sometimes she gets boots she wants, and sometimes I even have to get 2 pairs of boots....
so I can look fabulous, and then I can also look like everybody else when I want to.

If my Farmer finds out I got 2 pair of boots when I was exchanging his,
I'm blaming Violet.


  1. Tonya!! LOVE the BLOG!! =D
    SO glad you took the blog plunge!
    You'll have a mountain of readers before you know it!
    ...I'm in kind of bloggers block. I'll have to start getting creative again!

  2. Those boots are SO you!!! I can see Mom and Violet's looks as you described them!

  3. Thanks, Missy. I enjoy reading your blog, too! It's fun to get to see into people's lives. I look forward to your updates.
    I do love the boots, Tammy! I look forward to colder weather to wear them. :)


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