Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Favorite Thing: the Sauce Master

Every once in a while, I find something that I just don't know how I lived without it before.

This rudolph nose is not one of them...

...but the Sauce Master is.
  I was broken hearted earlier this spring when my metal food mill broke; I made the trip to the Good Store where all things practical are sold and discovered this thing on the shelf with the other.  I asked the person working there, because I take every opportunity to talk to another adult as I can, and because I was curious, what this thing was and what was the better product.  That salesperson told me that this was the best seller and was the highly recommened choice.  Being only $5 more than the other, I gave the salesperson my humble trust and bought the Sauce Master.  What an appropriate name: the master of sauce it is!

It comes in a box in pieces like this and looks very daunting (I daunt easily), but it's not.

See, 5 hours later it's all ready.  (Not really.)

I carefully ladeled the tomatoes into the wonderfully oversized funnel top, made especially for major messy clutzes like myself...

And then the ever-present, "What are you doing now, Mommy?  Can I help?" turns the crank.

Down the slide comes the tomato juice...

And out the escape hatch comes the seeds and skins.

Once in a while the tomatoes will get stuck or slow down and a shove from this red plunger keeps attitudinal tomatoes moving smoothly through.

Rudolph has to have a turn, too.  Her hair looks ready for take-off.  A hair net is recommended for this type of thing, but I'd misplaced mine with my chef's hat somewhere.

When everything has gone through, it's good to scrape the pulp off the metal cone as alot of thick stuff gets stuck there.  Also, the plastic slide has to be loosened and tilted up whenever emptying the bowl that catches the juice.  I share this to prevent you the extreme consternation that I had to endure over this.

And here is the product that would have taken me at least an hour using my old metal thing-a-ma-jig.  With the amazing wonder of magnificence the Sauce Master, it took 5 minutes, tops.  It works great for anything soft that you want to separate into juice or sauce..: cooked apples, tomatoes, etc, and has different cones for other things, like grapes, pumpkin, etc.  The juice is all ready to can or make into sauce, and the pulp...

...makes for very happy pigs. 
(Pig not included with the Sauce Master but advised for terminating lousy new recipes, pulp clean-up, and for teaching kids the full impact of the phrase, "You are eating like a pig.")

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  1. Good advertisement,, I so want one with all these tomatoes coming in!!! the mill that is,, not the pig! :)


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