Thursday, September 16, 2010

Day of Dangers

A few days ago, I was sitting at this computer after I'd just printed up a page for my son when the computer made an alarming "snap" sound.  When I pushed the button to remove the disc (sorry if my wording is wrong, I'm not so techny savy), I heard a dismal crunching and then little shards of plastic spilled out on the floor.  The disc had been mutilated.  So I called my emergency analyst (also known as Dad), and he came to my rescue yet again, whisking the sad contraption out of my life til it could be medicated and fixed up by some man who speaks English words that I do not understand yet so easily pushes buttons that controls the mind of this thing.

The funny element to this story is the important document that had ruined my machine:

 This is Levi's "Page of Dangers", as he calls it.  

My son is not much of a toy person.  He is a bug person; a reptile guy; a boy of mud, water, and slime.  I have found on days when he is stuck inside or just needs something new, I can call him over to my computer, ask him what animal he wants, print up a few of his favorite pictures, and have the happiest man around.  He will inevitably be found at various times of the day lying on the floor staring at it, talking to it in his caveman, growling voices.  This paper in the picture above is now 3 days old, and he still knows where it is and has it in utmost care.  (What's strange to me is that he always knows where his "page of dangers" is, but somehow can never find a matching pair of shoes.)

 Here are a few other poses I found this little man of dangers in today:



Wait. Laundry basket?

Yes, that's right.  No laundry basket is safe, especially ones that have large articles that are great for hiding under.Full laundry baskets can, however, be a hazard, especially if they are clean and folded.

Bug?  Dead bug?  Bug carcass?
Big bad bug body being blown by busy boy.

Sorry.  Too much Dr. Seuss lately.

Frogs in my beloved pond.  (This pond was beautiful one day not too long ago; the day after I put it in and had everything so nicely planted around it.  The rocks I had around the edge have disappeared; the flowers have long ago been trampled and resigned themselves to a life of tattered leaves.  But some things, I've found, are just not worth the fight.)

The amphibious victims.

Life with this boy and his great dangers is always full.  He and his sister are the reason my blog is called Pumpkin Pie Painter, but I'll have to save that for another day.


  1. I love that laundry basket cute!
    I found your blog from a comment you left on The Pioneer Woman's home school page.

    Have a great day!

  2. Thank you, Angie! It's nice to hear from you! My boy is always popping up in hidden places and it's great when I have the camera handy to actually catch him at it.

    I hope your weekend is full of happy adventures!


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