Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas at my Mom's House.

 Welcome to my Parent's Christmas Home:

Wait a minute!
You can't really get the feel unless you put some Christmas music on,
light some candles,
smell fresh coffee cooking...

Okay, now you're here.
 There are themes throughout this main part of the house.

 The kitchen theme pops out pretty easily.

 Little ginger folk are perched on every shelf...


 and even when you turn around and look at the table.

 I love all the plants that my mom keeps.

 Next to her table is the hutch she painted.
 She covers it with Christmas fun.

 I love her nativity set.

 Mom collects old framed needlework
and old ceramic Christmas dolls.

There are certain decorations that I have a special fondness for.
This red flocked candle holder is one of them.

Mom didn't have so many Christmas decorations when I was little,
but still our home seemed like a Christmas wonderland when we'd come home from school and find the house had been transformed.  Music was playing, candles were lit, and the window stickers were waiting for my sister and I to put on the sliding glass doors.

Mom made every day so much fun for us!
I hope I'm half the wonderful mom that she was to me growing up
and is to me now.

 This was another of the items that was up when I was little.
It rings when the door is opened.
I love the sound of it's jingle:
funny how certain sounds can bring you back to childhood like that.

 Looking into the living room where the fireplace is.

(This makes me a little sad because my little sister always had a fire going in the fireplace;
she liked the feel and look of it.
Now she went off and got married this past spring,
and the fireplace is cold without her.

I am very happy for her; she married a wonderful man just perfect for her.

We just miss her: the fireplace and me.)

 We'd gone to help pick out Grandpa and Grandma's tree on the day I took these pictures.
Grandpa had to work at getting the tree straight while hurdling the train that the kids were watching.

 Mom makes every space look so festive...

and the mantle looks so amazing!

 I love the little old pictures she sneaks in all over her house.

 Can you guess the theme on her mantle yet?

 A white Christmas in this house, whether it's white outside or not!

 Sorry, Levi:
no opening presents until Christmas.

 A shelf over mom's loveseat.

 Angels everywhere
"Glory to God in the highest!"

 Over here we have Santa and his elves making Christmas cookies.

Happy memories at Grandma and Grandpa's.

Thanks for the fun, Mom and Dad!

(I think my cookies were prettier than yours, Dad!)


The winner of the clay snowman giveaway is
Number 5:
Sue from "Where Memories Are Made"
(Oh, your home is sooo beautifully decorated for Christmas!)

Please leave your email address in the comments below and I will email you to get your address
(I will be sure to delete your email address in the comments section as soon as I get it from you).
I'll send the snowman to you this week!

Thank you to all who participated and Merry Christmas to you!

(I will post my Mother-in-law's Christmas house in a day or two.  I took the pictures today: another fun house coming your way soon!)


  1. I love the atmosphere of your mom's home. What a wonderful place to come home to for Christmas!


  2. I love Mom's house! It's so cozy and beautiful for EVERY season,, she goes all out on each one! She truly is a wonderful Mom and Grandmother!!!
    I loved the red candle holder and chimes too,, instantly reminded me of home! What cozy Christmas memories we have. Uncle Al coming over, sliding on the ice, eating and playing games together! Al always got the games out and the directions! :)

  3. What a lot of things to look at in her house! Very warm and inviting.

  4. Oh your mom's house is just beautiful. I love all of her decorations, and most of all I loved the picture of them with the children. Such wonderful and precious memories. Thanks so much for joining TTT. I hope you have a very Blessed Christmas. Hugs, Marty

  5. Your mother's loving Christmas touches are quite charming. What a wonderful Christmas cottage -- so inviting!

  6. What a lovely home. So festive and comfy looking.


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