Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merriest of Mother-in-Laws

If I were to tell you that my in-laws built an apartment in the basement of the big house where my Farmer's sister's family lives,
you'd probably think of a basement:


But not this!
 My in-laws basement apartment is amazing!
It is bright,
cozy, and warm.

 The porch was enclosed and made into a cheery sunroom.
The Christmas tree with the Christmas garden is here.

 Mom W's Christmas garden is one of the nicest I've seen.
All of the buildings were made by her dad
except this house.
It sat under her grandmother's first Christmas tree
somewhere around the year 1884.

 I love the barnyard with the cows and horses.
They are penned in with lots of hay bales to eat.

 Here's the pond with an icy waterfall.

 Every farm needs a sturdy pig pen and a well-fenced chicken coop.

 There's our mini-horse Misty pulling the cart to get the tree.
Maybe someday she'll do that for me.
(Yes, I like to dream.)

 The white wintery forest with deer and signs that children have been there:
a happy snowman.

I love the stone pathway to the outhouse.
It prevents slipping.

 What farm is complete without a good tractor and a tractor shed to keep it?

 The Christmas tree is covered with unique ornaments,
many of them look to be home-made.

 I know that this one is.

It's special to me; I have the same one.
Mom W and I made these together in one of the early years of my marriage.
She taught me how to make them: a fun memory.

 This is the living room where the grapevine/honeysuckle Christmas tree is.
Mom W's grandmother's doll sits under it.

 It's a beautiful tree that Mom W decorated so nicely.
It used to be covered with her collection of birds
but her young cat Monk thinks they are real and attacked a few of them,
leaving the feathers and Styrofoam as evidence...

so the birds have found shelter in a safer place.

 The birds perch in this garland...

 that is the doorway between the living room and...

 the festive dining room.

Remember, you are looking at a basement!
Hard to believe, isn't it?
  This was an Amish house; they put nice big windows in their basements as they do not use electric lights.
Mom W designed how she wanted the rooms in this basement,
and I think she did a superb job!

I love Mom W's African Violets on her stand.
She has such a nice selection of them.

 Mom W has won lots of ribbons at fairs for her gorgeous flower arrangements.
They are always creative and beautiful.

 This one carries the three wise men that her mom created.
Such elaborately dressed fellows they must have been...

 and here's a lad who claims to be a cheerful Christmas ornament himself!

 Now his sister insists on getting her picture taken.
My children are not at all the type to show off or anything;
can't you tell?

 A unique nativity in the dining room that Mom W believes
to be made of olive wood from the Holy Land.

Her dad crafted the stable for it.

 The table around which much feasting and merry-making happens.

 Such a beautiful job you do making your home festive and warm, Mom (and Dad) W!

I feel so privileged and amazed that I have the moms (and dads) that I do in my life.
I thank God for you both
as you are examples of kind, godly, joyful, unselfish women:
the best that I know.

 Even Santa who stands in front of the fun rock and Indian arrowhead collection of Mom W's agrees that this home is merry and bright!

Such an incredible job you've done in your Christmas "basement" apartment home!


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  2. This is a beautiful post and touched my heart. Your mother-in-law's beautiful home is beautiful. I, too, had a basement apartment used for evangelists and missionaries but it was tiny compared to this. I love it's openness. The birds in the garland...the silver candlesticks, the 3's all beautiful. You painted a beautiful picture with words and photographs.

  3. How wonderful for them and their home is lovely. It is hard to believe it's a basement. The floral arrangements are wonderful. Her trees spectacular. Merry Christmas to you and yours and may you have many blessing in the new year.

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  5. I just love the Wards home. Everything has a history behind it and or is created. I love the Christmas garden, the wise men, the birds, the trees. And even Janes rock collection! It's even more fun to see it live. Jane is excited to tell the History behind it all and it's interesting to hear. And the violets are beautiful. A real fun, bright, creative, welcoming home.

  6. Thanks everyone for you nice comments. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas as well and thanks for stopping by!
    As for my Farmer's comment, I was helping him get a picture on his profile. There was much intercepting and explaining and pushing of buttons going on. I think that "ok" must have come about in one of our button-pushings.
    Sometimes I think I need to start a comedic blog having my family participating in this blog thing. I get lots of good laughs. :)

  7. Wow what a beautiful basement apartment. Love all of it!


  8. I love this post, so charming! This Southern California never knew there were basements with large windows and light, how lovely everything is!

    Wishing you the merriest of Christmases and much joy in 2011!

  9. What a beautiful home she has made. I loved all your photos especially the Nativity scene. Have a Merry Christmas.

  10. What a lovely home! You'd never know it was a basement, and she has it decorated perfectly. Her Christmas items are so unique, too ... the trees, the nativity set, the 3 wise men ... I'm glad I stopped by!

    Have a lovely week!

  11. The handmade Christmas Garden is so very special! Thank you for sharing your MIL's apartment. It's lovely. Cherry Kay


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